Pottery Interview For Northern Transmissions

Pottery Make It Happen

After years of honing their music and playing through different projects, Pottery are seeing the fruits of their hard work in Montreal. Through their…

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Pop Montreal Night 2 Review 2

Pop Montreal 2018: Day 2

Montreal was busy to say the least on Thursday as night two of Pop Montreal 2018 was in effect, and picking even a handful of…

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Northern Transmissions interview with Cadence Weapon

Cadence Weapon’s Rebirth

Roland “Rollie” Pemberton has been making clever hip hop as Cadence Weapon for over a decade, but he felt that he wasn’t representing himself…

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Northern Transmissions' review of 'New Path' by Essaie Pas

Essaie Pas ‘New Path’

Always ready to change the rules on pop and electronic music, Essaie Pas have created something truly bizarre on their latest EP. Though more…

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Northern Transmissions' interview with Ought

The Creative Process of Ought

Knowing what you want can make all the difference in life. While people and bands alike can spin their wheels forever without direction, Ought…

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