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Assume,' by James Blake, album review, the LP features by guests Andre 3000, Travis Scott, Rosalia, and more. The LP is now out via Republic.


In a career broaching on a decade, James Blake has produced for and alongside some of the biggest names in hip-hop and pop: Jay-Z,…

'I Am Not A Man' by Butch Bastard, album review by Adam Williams. The self-released LP, featuring Father John Misty is available via streaming services

I Am Not A Man

There are times in people’s life’s where the slate must be wiped clean; a chance to return to square one and start again. Ian…

'New Breed' by DAWN, album review by Matthew Wardell. The full-length comes out on January 27th, and features Hudson Mohawke, Cole M.G.N, and more

New Breed

DAWN, aka Dawn Richards, was to girl-group Danity Kane as Beyonce was to Destiny’s Child—it’s surprising then, that DAWN has never reached the massive…

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