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Have We Met by Destroyer, album review by Stewart Wiseman

Have We Met

Twenty-four years after releasing his first album under the name Destroyer, Dan Bejar is still finding new ways to explore the consciousness through his…

Football Money by Kiwi Jr. album review by Adam Williams

Football Money

“Kiwi Jr.: Rickenbackers detuned to the frequency of a blue-screen migraine, equal parts jangle and punk – a modern day Modern Lovers with The…

The Neon Skyline by Andy Shauf album review

The Neon Skyline

Sometimes you never know what will strike a chord. Some artists can work away endlessly and then something they release will seemingly, magically capture…

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Wolf Parade interview with Northern Transmissions writer Stewart Wiseman

Wolf Parade Soldier On


After the departure of multi-instrumentalist Dante DeCaro, Wolf Parade returned to their original three-piece format, forcing frontmen Dan Boeckner and Spencer Krug to take…