Interview with The Koreatown Oddity. The Koreatown Oddity is MC/producer Dominique Purdy. He talked with Adam Fink about his LP Little Dominiques Nosebleed

The Koreatown Oddity Gets Personal

It’s exceedingly rare to hear an artist that is as fully formed as Dominique Purdy AKA The Koreatown Oddity. The Los Angeles based producer/rapper/comedian…

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OBUXUM interview with Northern Transmissions by Gregory Adams

The Bombastic Re-Birth Of OBUXUM

OBUXUM’s Re-Birth is as staggering as it is compact. Across 22 electrifying minutes, The Toronto-based beat visionary’s debut LP quickly pivots from hard synths…

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Interview with Japandroids’ David Prowse. Gregory Adams gets the story behind their new release Massey Fucking Hall, and what else the duo has been up to

Japandroids Still Rocking Steady

It’s been 18 months and counting since alt-rock duo Japandroids played their last show, at Toronto’s Phoenix Concert Hall, and with the ongoing COVID-19…

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