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Album reviews and new music previews from the latest releases by upcoming bands and indie record labels.

Review Of "Trouble" By Hospitality. The latest album from the Brooklyn band comes out January 28 on Merge records. Hospitality play 1/31 in New York City.


Brooklyn indie pop band Hospitality are to release their second album entitled Trouble, out on Merge Records at the end of this month. Formed in 2007 and consisting of Amber Papini on vocals and guitar, Brian Betancourt on bass and Nathan Michel on percussion, the band took their time to work on this record,

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Review Of "Too True" The upcoming album by The Dum Dum Girls, out January 28th on Sub Pop records. The lead off track from "Too True" is "Rimbaud Eyes".

Too True

A musical project like Dee Dee Penny’s Dum Dum Girls does well to wear its influences on its sleeve. Building on two strong full-lengths and a handful of EPs, Too True is a collection of well-polished songs that showcases Penny’s songwriting developments and returns to the strengths of 2010’s I Will Be by abandoning the pre-fab,

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Review Of Beauty/Duty the new album By UK artist 'Golden Glow'. The album will be available via Bleeding Gold Records January 27th. Live dates out soon.

Review Of Beauty/Duty By ‘Golden Glow’

Golden Glow is the solo project of Pierre Louis Hall. Hall spent his twenties in Manchester where he worked with friends as an events promoter and played in a now-defunct band called the Lead Balloons, before recently moving back to London, where he was born. The soot-stained,

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Review Of "Age" By 'The Hidden Cameras'. The album comes out on January 21st on Evil Evil/Motor Entertainment. The Hidden Cameras play January 25 in Vienna.


Berlin based, Canadian born musician Joel Gibb and his band The Hidden Cameras (which consists of a variety of changing musicians) are to release their eighth studio album entitled AGE. Known for their elaborate, high energy performances, the band and Gibb have been making music since 2001 and even so, the album is actually a sort of coming of age album for the singer songwriter. “AGE deconstructs my musical roots,”

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Review of The New Album From Damien Jurado "Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son". The LP comes out on January 21st via Secretly Canadian Records.

Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son

American indie rock musician Damien Jurado, originally from Seattle, is to release his eleventh studio album entitled Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son out this month on Secretly Canadian. Since releasing tracks in the mid 1990s on his own cassette-only label, Jurado has made a lot of music, making use of found sounds and field recordings,

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Review Of Warpaint's New Self-Tittled Album. "Warpaint" comes out on January 20th via Rough Trade Records. Listen to the first single "Biggy", out now.

Review Of Warpaint’s New Self-Tittled Album

This list of dichotomies runs deep when conjuring up a way to define the new eponymously titled record by Warpaint. It’s an LP that’s fluid yet rigid, striking while being subtle and aloof. This is the sound of four friends in a creative purple patch birthing the sound of a very modern take on rock ‘n’ roll; this is psychedelia but one that doesn’t mine the past. ‘Warpaint’s trippy,

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Review Of Mogwai's New LP "Rave Tapes". The band's latest album comes out on January 20th via Sub Pop/Rock Action Records. The first single is "Remurdered".

Review Of Mogwai’s New LP “Rave Tapes”

It would seem dipping their artist toes into the world of soundtracking and cinema has bled through into Mogwai’s day job. The Scottish five piece have lent their post-rock wares to accompany the visuals to Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait, the motion picture that captures French footballing genius, Zinedine Zidane in full,

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Review of "Chiaroscuro" By 'I Break Horses'. The latest album from the Swedish band comes out January 21 on Bella union + Pias .The First single is "faith".

Review of “Chiaroscuro” By ‘I Break Horses’

Imagine if you will, a sporting event captured in slow motion, be it a last gasp cup winning goal, a photo finish at the Olympics or a multi-car pile-up during NASCAR, such a visual feast will need the appropriate soundtrack. Sonically something epic would have to fit the bill, a soundbite that would bring such a spectacle to life. The aural hum of I Break Horses’ sophomore LP, Chiaroscuro,

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Review Of Album from 'Snowbird' "Moon", featuring Simon Raymonde from 'Cocteau Twins' & Stephanie Dossen from 'Massive Attack'. Album out this Tuesday.


Moon is the debut album from Snowbird, a duo featuring Simon Raymonde of Cocteau twins, Stephanie Dosen of Massive Attack, and guest appearances by members of Midlake and Radiohead. Their new album is slated for release on Bella Union, Raymonde’s label and primary focus since Cocteau Twins parted ways in 1997.

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Review Of New 'Lanterns On The Lake' Album "Until The Colours Run", out January 14th on Bella Union. Lanterns On The Lake play January 15th in Brussels.

Until the Colours Run

Lanterns on the Lake are a band that are releasing their second album Until the Colours Run, and at first listen it does sound very “nice”, but there’s more than meets the ear when it comes to this Newcastle five-piece. Behind the nice veneer of their sound there resides a grittiness, but since it’s not apparent, it may go completely unnoticed.

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