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Camera Obscura's "Desire Lines" reviewed by Northern Transmissions

Review of ‘Desire lines’ From Camera Obscura

Title track “Desire Lines” closes the album with strings, and beautiful, country influenced instrumentals and narrative; “I went to California, I needed some eye wonder, and the green of your eyes met my bluebird surprise there was a story there

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Review of 'Apocalypse" by Thundercat by Northern Transmissions


On Thundercat’s debut album Golden Age of Apocalypse (produced by Flying Lotus), the duo forged a shimmering, nebulous extension of their astral jazz-soul fusion as Bruner’s near-falsetto soul-inflected vocals advanced a pop-centric playfulness

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Northern transmissions reviews "Carolina" from Teen

Review Of New Teen Album “Carolina”

Opener and title track “Carolina” is an introduction to the wispy, quirky vocals and all round musical mash up of sounds and instruments TEEN use. Towards the end of the track a vintage sounding keyboard comes in

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"June Gloom" by Big Deal reviewed by Northern Transmissions

June Gloom

ltimately June Gloom is a big jump from the pair’s debut but it’s not an unpredictable surprise, more of a necessary evolution for Big Deal. Costelloe and Kacey have not completely shunned their past lives either and at times the two worlds collide

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Northern Transmissions reviews "Like Clockwork" from Queens Of The Stone Age

Like Clockwork

Queens of the Stone Age have always been known to promote different guests and lineup changes from album to album, and …Like Clockwork is no different in that respect. Their first album on Matador Records

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Laura Marling "Once I Was An Eagle" review on Northern Transmissions

Review Of “I Was An Eagle” By Laura Marling

In five years Laura Marling has produced four records all of which critically acclaimed and this latest effort is no exception. Once I Was An Eagle is waif like in construction, with Marling’s voice the most prominent factor amongst the acoustic strums and various layers of subtle string work

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The National "Trouble Will find Me" reviewed on Northern Transmissions

Review -The National ‘Trouble Will Find Me’

Brooklyn-based indie rock boys The National are to release their sixth album titled Trouble “Will Find Me” out on 4AD next week. The album was self produced and mixed by Craig Silvey (Arcade Fire, Portishead, REM) with “Self Love” mixed by Peter Katis

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Random Access Memories review on Northern Transmissions

Random Access Memories

The celebratory nature of Random Access Memories also extends out to the fans, critics, and the vast musicians and artists that have been inspired by Daft Punk. The reception to this album already has a built in positive energy to it

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"It's Up To You Emma" by Scout Niblett reviewed by Northern Transmissions

Review Of “It’s Up To Emma” By Scout Niblett

Singer songwriter Emma Louise Niblett, also known as Scout Niblett is to release her sixth album, and second LP release with the Chicago based label Drag City this week. First track on It’s Up To Emma, “Gun” is both delicate and aggressive at the same time, the guitar and sudden surges of energy in the track contrast with the sweeter moments in Niblett’s vocals;

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Majical Cloudz "Impersonator" review by Northern Transmissions

Review Of “Impersonator” By Majical Cloudz

Impersonator is a record of subtle touches; they are almost so slight their mere presence is dream-like. Take the looped, vocal sample of the aforementioned title track, the simple repetition of hums and “dum-dum-dums” make for a musical tapestry like muslin cloth

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review of Head Vs. Heart Emma Louise

vs. Head vs. Heart

Australian singer songwriter Emma Louise is to release her debut LP vs. Head vs. Heart out on French Kiss Records. The ten track album by the Brisbane artist follows her successful 2011 EP Full Hearts and Empty Rooms and was produced in the Brisbane studio of Matt Redlich

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