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Album reviews and new music previews from the latest releases by upcoming bands and indie record labels.

Northern Transmissions review Cate le Bon's "Mug Museum". "Mug Museum". "Mug Museum" comes out November 12th on Wichita/Turnstile.

Mug Museum

The best way to describe listening to Cate Le Bon’s new album, Mug Museum, is otherworldly. On her third album, the Welsh songstress creates a sound so haunting and enchanting that most listeners would be hard-pressed to find their way out unchanged. Le Bon’s,

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Review Of Gap Dream's "Shine Your light" reviewed by Northern Transmissions.

Review Of Gap Dream’s “Shine Your light”

Gap Dream, a.k.a. Gabriel Fulvimar, is the prize pony is the Burger Records stable. Fulvimar released his debut album 58th St. Fingers as a cassette on the Fullerton, CA label in early 2012. Since then, he has shared a single, courtesy of Suicide Squeeze,

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Mazes' "Better Ghosts" reviewed by Northern Transmissions. "Better Ghosts" comes out November 11th on FatCat Records.

Review Of “Better Ghosts” By ‘Mazes’

Acting like a conduit between their sophomore record, Ores and Minerals released in February of this year, the band’s acclaimed live show and what the future may hold, Mazes’ return swiftly with a mini LP, that goes by the name of Better Ghosts, so coined because according to bass player Conan Roberts,

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"Small Sounds" reviewed by Northern Transmissions. The EP comes out on November 5th via Communion Records.

Small Sound EP

There’s a reason why most music tends to talk about the outer excesses of life. Rappers making money, glam rockers having copious amounts of sex are the simple examples, but then there’s “yacht rock” which was the soundtrack for the rich baby boomers living in the 70’s and 80’s. Bands like Vampire Weekend have brought that sound back,

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Review of M.I.A.'S new album "Matangi", out November 5th on N.E.E.T./Interscope. by Northern Transmissiosn. out November 5th on N.E.E.T./Interscope.

Review Of “Matangi” By M.I.A.

Matangi is the new record from Maya Ariulpragasam, aka M.I.A. In comparison to 2007’s crossover hit Kala, her last record was a veritable flop, if only because there were no singles that found the same success as “Paper Planes”. It’s likely that Matangi will suffer the same fate,

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Connan Mockasin's "Carmel" reviewed by Alan Ranta for Northern Transmissions. "Caramel" comes out November 5th on Mexican Summer.


Although the style is overwhelmingly funky, New Zealand soul-mutant Connan Hosford doesn’t exactly bring sexy back with his sophomore album under the name Connan Mockasin. Where contemporary mainstream trends are pushing for that PBR&B sound, the kind of sound Mockasin achieves with Caramel,

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Ejecta's "Dominae" reviewed by Northern Transmissions. The album comes out on November 5th via DRIFTLESS/Happy Feet


There’s something to be said about music that can be enjoyed in the morning hours — cup of coffee in hand and wind whipping leaves across the street. “Dominae,” the debut album from Ejecta, seems to be crafted for this very setting.

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Review of White Denim's "Corsicana Lemonade", now out on Downtown records.

Corsicana Lemonade

Corsicana Lemonade is White Denim’s fifth record. Previous albums have been a melting pot of American rock music – virtuosic southern rock, psychedelia, funk, prog, and punk, thrown in a blender. For some,

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Review of "Jamaica Plain EP" by Kurt Vile and Sore Eros. Album comes out November 9th on Care In The Community Recordings.

Jamaica Plain EP

Following 2012’s critically acclaimed Wakin’ On a Pretty Daze, Kurt Vile returns here with Jamaica Plain. The EP is an archival release, culled from tracks Vile recorded to tape in 2002-2003 with Sore Eros (Robert Robinson), a former member of Vile’ group,

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"Reflektor' by' Arcade Fire' reviewed by Northern Transmissions. "Reflektor" is out October 28th on Merge/Universal


Reflektor is Arcade Fire’s fourth studio album. At this point, the group needs no introduction: they’re the biggest rock band in the world, have shared the stage with U2, and won a Grammy for Album Of The Year. These milestones are worth mentioning for two reasons:

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Northern Transmissions reviews YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN new album "UZU". Comes out October 29th on Suicide Squeeeze


ontreal’s Yamantaka//Sonic Titan may have wooed Pitchfork in 2011 when the populist publication claimed that the band were the “latest torch-bearers for the city’s prog-and-proud tradition.” And while that may be true for 2011’s YT//ST,

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Widowspeak' "The Swamps" reviewed by Northern Transmissions. The album comes Out October 29th on Captured Tracks.

Review Of “The Swamps” By Widowspeak

After touring extensively in support of their last full length Almanac, Brooklyn’s Widowspeak return with The Swamps. According to the press release, the album is meant to be a bridge between their last release and an as yet untitled new full-length album.

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