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Album reviews and new music previews from the latest releases by upcoming bands and indie record labels.

Twin Peaks reviewed by Northern Transmissions, available July 9 on Autumn Tone


You wouldn’t believe that these kids aren’t allowed to drink in the bars that they perhaps play in the States judging by their debut album Sunken. There is a classic old time garage pop feeling to this record that feels unnatural coming from boys that were only born in the 1990’s

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"Vicissitude" by Maps, Aka James Chapman reviewed by Northern Transmissions wiill be out July 8 on Mute Records


Vicissitude gathers much of its melodic sensibility from early 4AD/shoegaze acts, and looks back even further for instrumental inspiration. The layers of synths and drum machines contained within are the product of early minimal synth-pop groups

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Selebrities "Lovely Things" reviewed by Northern Transmissions out June 25 on Cascine

Lovely Things

Brooklyn based trio Selebrities are to release their second album Lovely Things out on New York/London label Cascine. It follows first album Delusions (2011) and EPs We’ve Been Foolish (2011) and most recently, Night Heat (2012)

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The Mantles "Long Enough To Leave" reviewed by Northern Transmissiosns. available now on Slumberland Records

Review Of The Mantles’ ‘Long Enough To Live’

The Mantles sophomore outing, Long Enough To Leave and you’ll see a multi-coloured panel of glass being held up to the sun. The effervescent bright colours are like tiny pieces of a rainbow amassed into one stained pane of glass

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"Soft Will" from Smith Westerns reviewed by Northern Transmissions

Soft Will

Chicago indie rockers the Smith Westerns are to release new album Soft Will on the New York based Mom + Pop record label this month. This will be their third studio album since the release of self-titled album in 2009

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Tripwires "Spacehopper Master" reviewed by Northern Transmissions, now available on Frenchkiss Records

Spacehopper Master

Tripwires brand of “spacey” seems to come straight from the 90’s “British Invasion” influence. They cite Talk Talk as an inspiration, but you can probably throw a bit of Radiohead, Placebo, and even Bush in there. “Spacehopper Master” starts off with a title track of sorts which begins with a quiet ambience

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'Kveikur" by Sigur Ros reviewed by Northern Transmissions. Album will be out June 18 on XL Recordings

Review Of “Kveikur” From Sigur Ros

Normally associated with desolate tundra’s and blasts of icy swathes of calm, Sigur Ros have incorporated a more aggressive tendency into their seventh output, Kveikur. From the outset the Icelandic band dismantle any notions of the serene with opening gambit

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Northern Transmissions reviews "Trilngual" by Trails And Ways

Review Of Trails And Ways’ “Trilingual”

Trilingual, at 5 songs is an album that makes its statements early on. “Como Te Vas” may be the best song, a very catchy rhythm that establishes a fun and upbeat sound with claps and finger snaps, it’s really more of a toe-tapper than a dancer. It works as the best song on the EP

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Braids new EP In Kind // Amends reviewed on Northern Transmissions

In Kind // Amends

Montreal based art rockers BRAIDS are to release a four track EP entitled In Kind // Amends which is out on Arbutus Records on the 11th June this year. After the departure of one band member last year, the band currently consists of Raphaelle Standell-Preston, Austin Tufts and Taylor Smith

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Boards Of Canada "Tomorrow's Harvest" reviewed by Northern Transmissions

Boards Of Canada “Tomorrow’s Harvest”

At this point, it’s almost not worth repeating, but for the sake of context: brothers Mike and Marcus (aka Boards of Canada) confirmed the release of Tomorrow’s Harvest in April, after an 8 year period of dormancy

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Camera Obscura's "Desire Lines" reviewed by Northern Transmissions

Review of ‘Desire lines’ From Camera Obscura

Title track “Desire Lines” closes the album with strings, and beautiful, country influenced instrumentals and narrative; “I went to California, I needed some eye wonder, and the green of your eyes met my bluebird surprise there was a story there

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Review of 'Apocalypse" by Thundercat by Northern Transmissions


On Thundercat’s debut album Golden Age of Apocalypse (produced by Flying Lotus), the duo forged a shimmering, nebulous extension of their astral jazz-soul fusion as Bruner’s near-falsetto soul-inflected vocals advanced a pop-centric playfulness

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