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Northern Transmissions reviews The album 'Pains' from The Laurels


The Laurels are invoking the same strung out whirs of endless kaleidoscopic frontiers. What’s telling though is that each band is a product of their environment, Tame Impala and The Laurels both reside in Western Australia where quite frankly nothing happens. The first single from The album is ‘Tidal Wave’.

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neon indian errata annex album review

Neon Indian “Errata Anex EP” Review

A year and a half after releasing Era Extraña, Neon India (aka Alan Palomo) has now given his blessing to five artists to rework their favourite tracks off of his 2011 release in ERRATA ANEX. ERRATA ANEX is an anagram for Era Extraña, and like the title, the five songs on the EP are all remixes of Neon Indian’s original creations. All of the artists featured on the EP were handpicked by Alan Palomo, and include Optimo, Boyd Rice, Patten, Actress, and Twin Shadow. Overall, the EP will be a must-have for the Neon Indian die-hards, however there is little here that would qualify as a necessity for the casual fan.

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yeah yeah yeahs mosquito album review


After being out of the game for four years, NYC gang Yeah Yeah Yeahs have returned with their fourth LP, Mosquito. Mosquito has been labelled as YYYs “soul’ record however there are also touches on roots reggae and flashes of abstract electronica. Not the kind that populated It’s Blitz the band’s third LP, these forays into synthscapes favour the experimental over anything pop

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Northern Transmissions review of Kurt Vile's 'Walking On Pretty Daze'

Kurt Viles’s ‘Walking On A pretty Daze’

“Sometimes when I get in my zone, you’d think I was stoned/but as they say I don’t touch the stuff” is a defining lyric on Kurt Vile’s latest album, Wakin On A Pretty Daze. The reason for the poignancy of these words is because this record is a pure dope cloud of an album

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Northern Transmissions reviews Tyler, The Creator's 'Wolf'


After receiving plenty of recognition for his work as the Odd Future leader over the last few years, it was time for Tyler, The Creator to deliver yet again, this time without his entire hip-hop collective. Wolf was the logical next step for the young rapper

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Northern transmissions reviews IO ECHO' S new album 'Ministry Of Love'

Ministry of Love

IO ECHO are a band influenced by everything from goth to grunge pop, but on their debut album they’ve also infused some Asian sounds which is being called “new Orientalism”. The first track “Shanghai Girls” has all of these elements, but also is very evocative of Siouxsie and the Banshees’

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the flaming lips the terror

The Terror

he new opus by The Flaming Lips possesses something of a cinematic vibe amongst its burbling synths, disconnected vocals and razor sharp contorted guitar lines. It’s as if the band’s thirteenth outing, The Terror, could by the aural partner to a post apocalyptic survival picture.

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Northern Transmissions of British Sea Power's 'Machineries Of Joy

British Sea Power’s Machineries of Joy

The sixth record by quirky Brighton dwellers, British Sea Power is called Machineries of Joy and although it carries a mechanical moniker the LP itself is chocked full of human feeling with a real sense of catharsis and cleansing

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generationals heza album review polyvinyl


American indie rock duo Generationals are to release their third album Heza this April on Polyvinyl Records. The duo, made up of Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer formed in New Orleans Louisiana in 2008.

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depeche mode delta machine

Delta Machine

That’s how much Depeche Mode, a band that I once revered, had completely gone off my radar. So the question comes up again with an old act: What can Depeche Mode contribute in 2013? The answer is an album that sticks very close to it’s sound roots of lush dark keyboards

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Northern Transmissions reviews The Strokes New Album Comedown Machine

Comedown Machine

After taking a five year break to grind out 2011’s Angles, The Strokes have returned with a very similar album, albeit one that sounds less forced. It’s been over ten years since The Strokes stole the hearts of an apathetic generation waiting to be woken up with Is This It?

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Northern Transmissions reviews the new album 'In Love' from UK band Peace

In Love

It’s particularly fitting that Birmingham band Peace would call their debut record, In Love. What goes better together than peace and love? Rhetorical question of course! Nevertheless the UK four piece cut an amorous dash with their first offering

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