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Album reviews and new music previews from the latest releases by upcoming bands and indie record labels.


Chelsea Light Moving

Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth fame is all set to reveal his new band’s self titled debut record under the Chelsea Light Moving moniker. To give you a flavor of what to expect from Moore’s new outfit

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The New Life

Lo-fi Irish four-piece Girls Names are to release their second album “The New Life” this month on record labels Slumberland and Tough Love in Europe and with Slumberland Records in the US. The noise pop, surf rockers are following up on their well received debut Dead To Me which was released in 2011.

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Review Of The Men ‘New Moon’

The Men’s fourth record, New Moon is hardly a planet destroyer it can be a deceptive beast at times. Planting themselves somewhere between dusty ol’ college rock and unrelenting post punk, the four piece probably couldn’t obliterate Alderaan but they would definitely give it their best shot

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Mutual Friends

Just when you finally solved the riddle of the The Men and MEN, the former being a Brooklyn based hardcore band while the latter is the New York based feminist punk rock group

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It bursts with flavor, full of intense ingredients that are wonderfully strange yet similar, there are textures that overlap but skew off into different realms altogether. What are we describing? Amok of course

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Review of Doldrums – ‘Lesser Evil’

It’s no wonder that Doldrums, otherwise known as Airick Woodhead, has bagged himself a support slot with fellow Canadians and sonic marauders Crystal Castles. While they occupy different parts of the field both sets of artists

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Clash The Truth

Way back in 2010, we were introduced to the garage-punk loving Dustin Payseur in the form of a pretty much solo LP that immediately garnered fans clamouring for that surf-infused buzz rock sound. Three years later, that sound has been stretched from a small solo project to the product of a four-piece band

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No World

No World, the first LP and second 4AD release from fraternal LA duo Inc., I don’t think I’ll be buying vacation property there any time soon. While rich with textures and certainly rife with ambition, it attempts and achieves a certain slowburn,

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Review of Iceage – ‘You’re Nothing’

“Pressure/Pressure/Oh god no/Pressure!” are the strangulated words that tumble from Elias Bender Ronnenfelt’s venomous mouth as Iceage’s second LP, You’re Nothing, roars into play during opener ‘Ecstasy’

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Review Of Parenthetical Girls ‘Privilege’

Parenthetical Girls fourth full-length album, Privilege (Abridged) is actually a collection of songs from their series of 12-inch EPs that have sprung forth from the Portland outfit at regular intervals since 2010

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So Wild

Maybe it’s the constant rain, or perhaps the all-too-present grey skies in Vancouver that inspire the Shilohs to make such bright music. It could also be their obvious affection for 60’s British pop but no matter why

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