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Album reviews and new music previews from the latest releases by upcoming bands and indie record labels.

Review Of "Dunes" By 'Gardens & Villa'. The album will be released on February 4th via Secretly Canadian. 'Gardens & Villa' play 2/7 in Santa Cruz.


Gardens & Villa however have defiantly used the flute effectively, and have released their second album Dunes, which sees a polished-electronic-pop-rock sound. Dunes utilizes,

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Review Of "Red Classroom" LP By Xiu Xiu. The upcoming album comes out on February 4th on Bella Union and Polyvinl. Xiu Xiu play 2/19 in Santa Barbara, Ca.

Angel Guts: Red Classroom

Xiu Xiu returns with their darkest and most tortured release yet. As always, Jamie Stewart heads the group, this time taking listeners down a mineshaft of agony and despair with 14 challenging songs. Originally formed in the early 2000’s,

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Review Of "Daialects" By Snowmine. The album comes out on 'Mystery Buildings February 4th. Snowmine start their tour with 'Small Black' 2/5 in Allston, Ma.

Review Of “Dailects” By Snowmine

Brooklyn-based quintet Snowmine return to the game this month with Dialects, their sophmore release. The band formed out of a “longtime friendship” between lead singer/writer Grayson Sanders and a cast of four other musicians. For this release,

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Review Of Bombay Bicycle club's New album So Long, See You Tomorrow. The LP comes out on 2/4 via Island Records. Bombay Bicycle Club play 2/9 in Brussels.

So Long, See You Tomorrow

London indie rock band Bombay Bicycle Club are to release their fourth album So Long, See You Tomorrow out on Island Records next month. On the go since 2007, the band is made up of Jack Steadman on lead vocals,

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Review Of "July" the upcoming album By Marissa Nadler. "July" comes out February 4 on Sacred Bones/Bella Union. Marissa Nadler plays February 8 in Brooklyn.


Six albums in, Boston-born singer-songwriter Marissa Nadler continues to wallow and writhe in gauzy darkness. July, Nadler’s sixth album, is a gothic masterpiece, alternating between sparse and densely stringed arrangements,

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Review of 'Cymbals' upcoming album "Age Of Fracture". The LP comes out February 3rd on Tough Love Records. Cymbals play Feb 4 at Electrowerkz in London.

Review of ‘Cymbals’ “Age Of Fracture”

London four piece CYMBALS, coined the title of their debut record, Age Of Fracture from one of Daniel T. Rodgers books. The Princeton academic’s body of work addresses the disintegration of thoughts towards the end of the last century,

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Review Of The Album "Too Much Information" From Maximo Park. The Lp comes out on February 4th via 'Daylighting'. Maximo Park play in Kingston, UK 1/31.

Too Much Information

By rights we shouldn’t be reviewing the fifth LP by Maximo Park at this stage at all. However, unbeknown to the Geordie band, who initially set out to lay down a five track EP with Field Music’s David and Peter Brewis, they hit such a creative stride, five tracks swelled to a heady mass of eleven, forming the body of their latest long player,

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Review Of 'Quilt's' "Held In Splendor". The new album from 'Quilt' will be out January 28th on Mexican Summer. Quilt start their tour 2/1 in Portsmouth, NH.

Held in Splendor

When I worked at a music store as a teenager, I did a lot of daydreaming as I wandered the aisles. One of these whimsical tangents I had was that I noticed the “Q” section seemed to be monopolized by Queen, Queens of the Stone Age, and maybe Queensryche. Were there not any other “Q” bands out there,

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Review Of "Trouble" By Hospitality. The latest album from the Brooklyn band comes out January 28 on Merge records. Hospitality play 1/31 in New York City.


Brooklyn indie pop band Hospitality are to release their second album entitled Trouble, out on Merge Records at the end of this month. Formed in 2007 and consisting of Amber Papini on vocals and guitar, Brian Betancourt on bass and Nathan Michel on percussion, the band took their time to work on this record,

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Review Of "Too True" The upcoming album by The Dum Dum Girls, out January 28th on Sub Pop records. The lead off track from "Too True" is "Rimbaud Eyes".

Too True

A musical project like Dee Dee Penny’s Dum Dum Girls does well to wear its influences on its sleeve. Building on two strong full-lengths and a handful of EPs, Too True is a collection of well-polished songs that showcases Penny’s songwriting developments and returns to the strengths of 2010’s I Will Be by abandoning the pre-fab,

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Review Of Beauty/Duty the new album By UK artist 'Golden Glow'. The album will be available via Bleeding Gold Records January 27th. Live dates out soon.

Review Of Beauty/Duty By ‘Golden Glow’

Golden Glow is the solo project of Pierre Louis Hall. Hall spent his twenties in Manchester where he worked with friends as an events promoter and played in a now-defunct band called the Lead Balloons, before recently moving back to London, where he was born. The soot-stained,

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