'The Adventure Continues' by The Smoking Trees, album review by Adam Williams for Northern Transmissions


The Adventure Continues…

The Smoking Trees

The Smoking Trees began life as a project between fellow Tower Records workers way back in 2001; over the
years band members have come and gone, albums have been released and now we find the outfit under the
tutelage of Martin Nunez, aka Sir Psych, as a pure solo project. Psych writes, produces and mixes all the output for The Smoking Trees, meaning the fourth LP under the band moniker ‘The Adventure Continues…’ is the
sound of the one man’s creative vision, with only his indelible finger prints all over the sonic landscape.

‘The Adventure Begins…’ is an apt title; it’s an album that flows with a journey-like quality, tracks don’t so
much begin but are spawned and then morph into different pathways across the 16-song collection. Largely
the LP blends into one long swirling, psychedelic haze, with Psych’s voice, a child-like whisper, whilst doped up wafts of aural hallucinogenic clouds amass and disperse in slow motion. These plumes of kaleidoscopic mist
are underpinned by precise drumbeats that pierce through the mesmeric tones like needley kitten claws.

The thought of an adventure to most people is something that conjures up excitement and for the most part,
The Smoking Trees’ newest LP is an intriguing schlep through psychedelic pop’s outer reaches, as dreamy
flavours merge with trippy grooves, making for an intrepid aural quest. Although, like most routes to a desired destination, ‘The Adventure Continues…’ perhaps isn’t for everyone; without a defined hook or a change in dynamic, there is a tendency to get lost somewhere along the album’s rainbow road.

If the idea of a loose stroll through a multi-coloured landscape to nowhere in particular sounds like your thing, this is the record for you. Pack your tie-dye bandana and your bell-bottoms, you’re in for quite the ride.

Words and thoughts of Adam Williams


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