TRZTN Collaborates With Karen O

TRZTN Collaborates With Karen O On “Hieroglyphs” her LP Royal Dagger Ballet drops January 22, and features Paul Banks, Jonathan Bree, & More
TRZTN Collaborates With Karen O On “Hieroglyphs”

TRZTN AKA: Tristan Bechet, will release her new album, entitled Royal Dagger Ballet on January 22nd. The Paris-based musician/composer has shared his latest single and video for “Hieroglyphs” featuring Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Karen O. An experimental pop wonder that sounds like it’s collapsing and re-forming simultaneously, Bechet explains: “‘Hieroglyphs’ resembles an odd Lynchian dreamstate; bizarre and beautiful. A sonic portrait that warbles away into space dust.”

Bechet and Karen O are frequent collaborators, having worked together on music for Spike Jonze’s Where the Wild Things Are film, Rise of The Tomb Raider video game and more. The writing process behind “Hieroglyphs” began after Bechet sent her an initial sonic sketch, to which she quickly recorded her celestial lyrics. “Without holding back, I embarked on a phantasmagorical way of production – sculpting sound more than composing conventionally. I recorded clangs and digital white noise. I re-shaped her voice, deformed the structure, and resampled her own vocals creating the main staccato vocal theme. The track disintegrates and falls back together like the push and pull of a rubber band stretching,” Bechet says.

Born in Portugal but raised between Brazil and New York City and now living in Paris, Tristan’s idiosyncratic approach to music uses a collision of electronic sound design — a process honed by fronting industrial no-wave band Flux Information Sciences (on Michael Gira of Swans‘ Young God Records). Bechet has also composed for brands like Nike, Karl Lagerfeld, Dior, Chanel, Givenchy and The Creator’s Project, having his works featured by The New York Times, Nowness and beyond. He is currently composing for a psychological drama horror film in the works.