Name Your Sorrow by Pillow Queens album review by David Saxum for Northern Transmissions. The LP is now out via Royal Mountain Records


Name Your Sorrow

Pillow Queens

Pillow Queens have recently unveiled their third album, “Name Your Sorrow,” a brooding foray into the realm of alternative rock that underscores the band’s ongoing evolution. Displaying undeniable talent, the quartet presents an album that, while enjoyable, leaves a lingering sense of wanting more.

On the surface, “Name Your Sorrow” offers an accessible listening experience, punctuated by standout tracks such as “Like a Lesson” and “Suffer,” which effortlessly embed themselves in the listener’s memory with their infectious hooks and melodies. “Like a Lesson” exudes a breezy charm, while “Suffer” captivates with its innovative layering of drums, vocals, and driving bass lines, leaving an impression long after the song concludes.

The album as a whole exudes a palpable moodiness, accentuated by the pervasive presence of distorted guitars, notably evident in tracks like “You Blew Up The World.” This deliberate curation effectively envelops the listener, immersing them in the album’s atmospheric landscape.

However, despite its strengths, the quartet’s LP  suffers from a sense of monotony, with limited variation in instrumentation and style throughout. The absence of significant shifts in tempo or musical arrangement contributes to a feeling of redundancy, as tracks seamlessly blend together, forming a cohesive yet somewhat homogenous album. A more diverse exploration of musical elements, whether in style, melody, or instrumental choice, could have injected vitality and dynamism into the album.

Ultimately, the album is a laid-back listening experience that adeptly cultivates its chosen atmosphere without straying far from its established aesthetic. The inclusion of distorted guitar solos and bass lines complements the alternative rock genre admirably, though a greater degree of diversity and creativity would have elevated the album further. Nevertheless, “Name Your Sorrow” stands as a commendable effort, boasting a handful of standout tracks.

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