“Holy Show” Pillow Queens

Pillow Queens have released their brand-new single The track, is the follow-up to June’s emphatic, emotionally wrought “Handsome Wife”. In a physically, and morally, divided world “Handsome Wife” studied the importance of life’s often underappreciated. Again they focus in on the details and, through Kate Dolan’s latest video with the band, bring their experiences into vivid reality. “Holy Show,” is off the band’s forthcoming release In Waiting, due out September 25 via Pillow Queens.

Pillow Queens on “Holy Show:”

“Holy Show is a song that relays the feeling of regret and insecurity about past words spoken and actions taken, even when they’re ultimately meaningless. The song tries to articulate the heavy burden of being the only person who is concerned about the minute details of how you present yourself to the world.” Video director Kate Dolan continues: “Myself and the girls are all queer so when they asked me to direct something for Holy Show we all felt it was time that we made a video that had some positive queer representation. There are often depictions of queer women in the media that really upset me. We are often observed through a male gaze by male directors. They are often hyper sexualised. We wanted to create something that really captured the joyful intimacy between queer women through a female gaze.”

Events currently taking place throughout the world only serve to stoke a fire under the likes of Pillow Queens, who find themselves continually inspired by a Dublin that is no stranger to fighting social injustice. Street artists, fashion designers, musicians, film makers and more comprise a scene which routinely champions queerness and marginalized groups, and engages with and activates young people in response to the likes of the city’s ongoing housing and mental health crises. Pillow Queens’ songs of togetherness and unity ring out louder than ever before.

Pillow queens have played shows with American Football and Pussy Riot, as well as stadium performances opening for IDLES and Future Islands.

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