“Trash” Kate Nash

Singer/songwriter, and of course actress, Kate Nash, has released her first new material of the year, with a new single and video, “Trash.” A defiant track full of punk spirit fueled by Kate’s biting delivery and acerbic lyricism. The video directed by Aidan Zamiri features gritty 90’s MTV inspired visuals, with Kate front and center performing with her trademark attitude.

Kate Nash on “Trash”:

“Trash was written after I was asked to take part in an exhibition curated by Athena Pagington who asked artists to collect their single use plastic for a certain number of days and then make something out of it. Ideally I thought I could make music from my ‘trash’ from music. I went on a bit of a plastic trail, I experimented with actually creating records from epoxy resin with my single use plastic cut up and put into the records. I wrote the song specifically for the record. The whole thing really inspired and now I want to work on more music with an ethical/environmental agenda.”


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