Tex Crick Releases Live In… New York City

Tex Crick is known for his work with Iggy Pop, Weyes Blood, and Connan Mockasin, has just released his debut Live In... New York City
Tex Crick Live In... New York City

Tex Crick is known for his work with Iggy Pop, Weyes Blood, Kirin J. Callinan, and Connan Mockasin. The multi-artist has just dropped his new full-length Live In… New York City, which is also the debut release for Mac’s Record Label (new record company started by Mac DeMarco).

In between tours, Crick settled down in New York City to write and record the aptly-named Live In…New York City. During this time, Crick was learning to tune and repair pianos from an old Steinway technician. While honing his skills as a piano repairman, Crick hauled a junk piano off the streets in Queens, NY back to his third-floor apartment where he turned and repaired the piano back to playable condition. With the addition of a microphone and a metronome, Crick began sketching out a string of ambitious love songs. The recordings were filled with background noises, clicks of Crick’s metronome, and organic sounds of bustling New York City streets. Crick embraced these raw sounds, adding background noises on purpose.

Tex talks about the new album and more:

Northern Transmissions: Congratulations, your forthcoming release, Live In…New York City. I believe it’s your debut, and also the first on Mac Demarco’s new label, Mac’s Record Label. How did you end up working with Mac?

Tex Crick: Thank you. That’s right. Mac and I met on the streets of New York City, years ago. He’s a sweet guy. We kept in touch. I sent him an early version of the album and he offered to mix it. Later on, he asked if I’d want to put it out thru his label.

NT: I understand you refurbished an ancient Steinway for the album. This seems like a monumental task. As well, you had to move it to your fourth story apartment?

TC: I was working with a Steinway technician between touring, the piano we hauled up to the apartment was a Winter & Co. vertical. A Steinway would have been nice. I had enough tools to rebuild an entire piano under my bed. It was a real junky piano, but cleaned up pretty good. It ended up in London… I’m not sure where it is now.

NT: New York City has such a rich musical history, How did moving there inspire you?

TC: It’s such a ridiculous place compared to where I grew up. Always something going on, it’s easy to get sucked in… All the greats have played there, this record is sorta a homage to that. I wanted to try recreate some of that special big city magic. It’s a helluva town.

NT: Writing a new album is a daunting experience. Is it just as difficult to release it to the public? It’s kind of like baring your soul to the world.

TC: This is the first time I’ve properly tried singing. It’s hard getting used to that. They’re such personal songs, but It doesn’t really matter I guess. I’m only human. It’s nice to share it with the world.

NT: You have played with Connan Mockasin, Weyes Blood, Kirin J. Callinan, and Iggy Pop. What did you learn from playing with such a talented and diverse group of artists?

TC: I was touring all round the world straight out of high school. I learnt everything I know on the road. That’s about all I can say haha… Follow your nose.

NT: You filmed your video for “Sometimes I Forget,” in Japan. What was it like filming there?

TC: That’s right. Monika Mogi shot it. I’m still in Japan at the moment, It’s beautiful here. Peaches & Cream was shot here too. I would’ve liked to film them both in New York, but ended up stuck here… That’s just the way it is.

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