Mac DeMarco guests on Sing For Science

Mac DeMarco recently guested on Sing For Science
Mac DeMarco guests on Sing For Science

Multi-instrumentalist/producer/singer-songwriter Mac DeMarco, recently guested on Sing For Science to discuss the physics of acoustics with acoustician and founder of Russ Berger Design Group, Russ Berger. DeMarco and Berger dive into what sound is, how speakers work, the effects of sound on the human body, how the brain interprets sound, and astronautical elimination. As an added bonus, DeMarco talks about the echo chamber he built in the basement of his home and demonstrates how his voice sounds in it. Listen to episode five of the new podcast, which is preceded by interviews with MGMT, Norah Jones, Connie Britton, and more, here:

Sing For Science is a science advocacy and music podcast produced with Talkhouse* where musicians talk to scientists about science as it connects to their most famous songs. Created and hosted by New York musician, Matt Whyte, the podcast’s goal is to increase science literacy for as many people as possible by reaching a variety of different musicians’ fan bases. Listeners come to the show through their love of music and leave with a new piece of knowledge about science and the scientific process. Science literacy and respect for expertise are perhaps more vital now than ever before. The show’s chief tenet is that a more science and scientific process literate society can only contribute towards greater support for more fair, evidence-based policy in government.

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