River Tiber and Justin Nozuka Collaborate

River Tiber and Justin Nozuka have collaborated on two new songs, “Tell Her” and “Stranger.” Both songs are now out via your favourite DSP
River Tiber and Justin Nozuka Photo by Maritza Campos

River Tiber (BADBADNOTGOOD, Charlotte Day Wilson) and Justin Nozuka have collaborated on two new songs, “Tell Her” and “Stranger.” The partnership is not new. “I’ve known Tommy since I was a teenager, I remember the first time we hung out we spent hours geeking over Jeff Buckley,” says Nozuka. “He taught me how to use Logic and was my main support when I was learning how to produce. I’ve always admired his artistry and sensibility, it’s way past due for us to have music out together and just beyond proud of these songs.”

“Justin is one of my biggest influences vocally,” adds River Tiber. “One of my first experiences in music was playing guitar in his live band. Touring together and hearing him sing every night made a deep impression on me. In the years since, I think we have developed an unspoken understanding that makes creating and collaborating feel light.”

The new single, “Tell Her”, was actually produced “years ago” according to River Tiber. “I recorded the sounds of late summer in Toronto and incorporated them into the production; cicadas singing, a rainstorm, jets overhead from the air show. It reminds me of a simpler time in the city. It was a difficult record to finish and it sat in the vault for a while, but we decided we wanted to finally share it with the world.”

The single’s B-Side, “Stranger” is a new track that “felt pretty effortless to create,” says River Tiber. “To me, it’s about how people disperse and can drift away as time goes on. Being together gets more complicated.

Order “Stranger” and “Tell her” by River Tiber and Justin Nozuka HERE


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