Cyan Blue by Charlotte Day Wilson album review by Tuhin Chakrabarti for Northern Transmissions. The Toronto artist's LP is out Today


Cyan Blue

Charlotte Day Wilson

Charlotte Day Wilson’s “Cyan Blue” is a journey through a twilight dreamscape where rich, soulful melodies illuminate under a cyan moon. Wilson’s voice, on the lower end of a mezzo-soprano, is a decadent velvet caress against the ear, guiding you with a gentle hand. Set against her Toronto roots, this album serves as a testament to Wilson’s cosmopolitan range — her prowess as a singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist.

Drawing upon a kaleidoscope of influences—ranging from lush gospel piano to warm neo-soul basslines, from minimal electronic beats to penetrating balladry—Wilson deftly crafts a transcendent musical experience that resonates with profound authenticity. Every emotion, from longing to resentment, is submerged in her rich, emotive tone. From the sultry primer on “My Way”, where Wilson’s vocals wrap around us like a warm embrace, to the loose, flicky guitar on “Canopy,” a catchy slow-dance that also serves as a poignant break-up song, each track a vivid tableau.

“Cyan Blue” signifies a profound evolution in Wilson’s artistic journey, marked by an embrace of collaboration and creative vulnerability. With visionary producers like Leon Thomas and Jack Rochon at her side, Wilson ventures beyond the confines of perfectionism, seeking to capture raw emotions in their purest form. As she says about its development, “Before, I was extremely intentional about creating music with a strong foundation, a bed of artistic integrity,” Wilson reflects… But that was a bit stifling… I’m getting out of this frozen state, capturing feelings in the moment as they happen.”

In its delicate melodies, we find a poetic tale of love’s dance — each song a whispered confession, a tender embrace — inviting us into the chaotic world of intimate relationships in your aimless years. We are transported through highs and lows by her gentle, but rich cadence. With offhand grace, she holds a rich tone, stacking harmonies into decadent layers.

In the tender embrace of Charlotte Day Wilson’s melodies, I’m swept into a realm where jubilance and vulnerability intertwine, guided by the gentle cadence of her voice. Each lyric becomes a mirror, reflecting the resonant highs and lows of past loves. As she sings, “Just listen to nothing but memories / Flashing like elegies,” she echoes the timeless beauty found in the bittersweet symphony of life’s journey—a reminder that even amidst wandering heartache, there is a potent well of inspiration in the echoes of our past, giving us roots. As she muses, “I want to look through the unjaded eyes of my younger self again… But I also wish that my younger self could see where I am now.”

Transcending through the flush of emotion, Cyan Blue is a vast, glacial journey through CDW’s depth, and promising firmament in her quiet-storm, adult contemporary R&B.

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