Darkroom by Ghostly Kisses album review by David Saxum for Northern Transmissions. The Canadian band's LP is now out via Akira Records



Ghostly Kisses

Ghostly Kisses’ latest album, Darkroom, released today, stays true to its haunting title and the celestial nature of its creator. This LP takes listeners on a journey through the shadowy recesses of human experience, gripping them with its emotional depth and introspective melodies.

Margaux Sauvé, the voice behind Ghostly Kisses, drew inspiration from the heartbreaking stories shared by her fans—tales of love thwarted by political barriers, intense grief, and personal trauma. These narratives are woven into the fabric of Darkroom, amplifying the shared human condition through Sauvé’s delicate yet powerful vocal delivery.

From the opening note of “There’s No More Space” to the final echoes of “Carousel,” the album envelops the listener in a dreamy, murky atmosphere. It is as if Sauvé’s voice reaches out through the fog, guiding us gently through the collective emotional landscape of those who came before. This journey through the album is like a shared embrace, offering solace and the comforting realization that we are not alone in our struggles.

A standout track, “Keep It Real,” encapsulates the pain of dealing with a manipulative lover. With lyrics like “Your twisted promises with empty hands,” Sauvé captures the essence of betrayal and manipulation, her voice layered over a dynamic conversation between synth and drums. The frustration and confusion are felt throughout the song, making it an emotional high point of the album.

Following seamlessly is “Golden Eyes,” a poignant transition from the pain of manipulation to the vulnerability of falling for a friend. “I know we said we’re only friends, but no, I don’t wanna pretend… Pretend that I didn’t fall for you,” sings Sauvé, capturing a universal experience with raw honesty. The track explores the delicate balance between emotional risk and the liberation that comes from expressing true feelings.

The album’s closer, “Carousel,” lifts the listener out of the album’s introspective haze with an upbeat and building synth and drum line. It’s a cleansing finale, a moment of clarity and strength after the murky emotional journey, leaving listeners with the comforting knowledge that they are not alone in their experiences.

Darkroom is a masterful exploration of the human experience, a thread that connects us all on an unseen plane. With Margaux Sauvé as our guide, Ghostly Kisses leads us out of the darkness, offering a cathartic journey through pain, vulnerability, and ultimately, healing.

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