“Oublier” By Ghostly Kisses

“Oublier” By Ghostly Kisses is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day
“Oublier” By Ghostly Kisses is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day

Ghostly Kisses releases “Oublier”, a second original song in French, written by Margaux Sauvé and Louis-Étienne Santais. Thus far, Ghostly Kisses always wrote in English, a language that has always responded well to Margaux’s need to express certain introspective ideas and emotions, almost under some kind of persona. With “Oublier”, she talks about a breakup and wonders if she will be able to move on.

“Oublier” describes the pain and incomprehension towards the situation. Margaux describes her thoughts as she feels completely invisible to the other and wonders if it is possible to heal.

« Et encore je suis là, je me trouve près de toi, mais tu ne me vois pas »
‘And still, here I am, I’m right by your side, nut you don’t see me’

The song hints that she could still be around that person or that the relationship is now completely one-way. She seeks answers to understand what could have happened.

« Comment tout a changé? Tous ces rêves effacés, le mirage est passé »
‘How has everything changed? All these dreams erased, the mirage is gone’

Co-produced by Louis-Étienne Santais and George Fitzgerald, the musical direction of “Oublier” is primarily inspired by UK garage rhythms, all within an ethereal universe characteristic of Ghostly Kisses’ sound. If the melody remains sweet and dreamy, the orchestration aims to be a bit more dynamic.

“We emphasized the contrasts between the sections,” explains Sauvé. “For George and me, it was essential that the listener instinctively senses when the most powerful moments in the music arrive. We gradually increase the intensity from the verse to the pre-chorus, and then the chorus provides a release of tension.”

This intention is punctuated by all the electronic tools at our disposal: intertwining synthesizers with sequencers, echoes, and electronic percussion that may vaguely remind some of the electronic music wave played at raves in the late ’90s.

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