Night Songs by Joyer album review by Greg Walker for Northern Transmissions. The Group's full-length is now out via Hit The North Records


Night Songs


Night time is the time when our darkest thoughts can get a hold of us, when we might be more likely to do something destructive or self-destructive, under the obscurity of darkness. But it can also be the time when we are most ourselves. Quieting the mind, while “the soft wind shakes the trees, twirls the weathervane.”

New York City’s Joyer, the brain child and heart murmur of brothers Shane and Nick Sullivan, have come out with their new album, Night Songs, and it is an expansion from their previous slow core sound, a sort of incendiary reinvention, that is exploding them into bigger things. “Guess now that I think of it / Rings a bell but I’m used to it.” The adventurous guitar leads remind me of turn of the century post-rock pioneers, Polvo, and bands like them.

“Crush up the rock and fold up the paper / Comb through it with the edge of the razor / I want to do the things that make me fall apart,” they sing on the ear assaulting and then heart-soothing single, “Fall Apart,” which is accompanied by a colorfully animated video of a dog’s encounter with a skunk. Six of the songs are, in fact, brought to life by rad music videos (which can be found on their Bandcamp page), expressing a bit more of the subconscious behind a record filled with subtle and evocative lyrics.

Writing from two different cities, NYC and Boston, the brothers talk about the benefits of working with kin whom they can be open and honest and supportive with, having written songs together since they lived in the suburbs as young men. It is certainly an impressive step in their discography and shows a satisfying evolution as a two-piece band, who have many sonic tricks up their sleeves on this album.

If you’re into turn of the century bands, who incorporate slow core, shoegaze, and post-rock into their music, you might really enjoy this album of eleven songs, that offer vulnerability and strength in their sound and words. “I wanna try / one more time / I wanna see just you / Today.”

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