“Drive All Night” by Joyer

Brooklyn-and-Boston-based duo Joyer, have shared new single, “Drive All Night,” the track is now available via Hit the North Records and Julia’s War. The duo includes multi-instrumentalist brothers Nick and Shane Sullivan. “Drive All Night” was recorded by Bradford Krieger (Horse Jumper of Love, Squirrel Flower) at Big Nice Studios.

Shane discussed the new song, saying:
“’Drive All Night’ was the first song I’d ever written where I consciously tried to write catchier and more melodic vocals which felt a little weird since it’s pretty different from our previous stuff. We decided to really fuzz it out to make up for that which ended up being a cool effect and contrast. I have to do a lot of long drives to play shows since Nick and I live in different states so I spend a lot of time in the car by myself. This song is kind of a product of that and inspired by those long periods of driving alone. I feel like I get some of my best ideas when I’m driving by myself.”

Joyer formed in New Jersey in 2017, and after releasing two self-recorded demo collections, they released their first studio album, Sun Into Flies, in 2020, followed by Perfect Gray in 2021. The band’s recent music marks a departure from their hushed slowcore beginnings and displays a more expansive sound—from blowtorched guitars and overtly hooky vocal cadences, to melancholy synths and pastoral lap steel. The songwriting duties are split evenly between Nick and Shane, but there’s a palpable cohesion in their music, a unified vision that’s always guided the project and continues even with the siblings living in different cities. “We grew up in this small suburban town and there weren’t too many people interested in music so it was convenient to just play with each other and we’ve always had pretty much the same music tastes,” Shane explains. “I just feel like when I’m in a band with Shane I don’t have to compromise,” Nick adds. “Being brothers allows us to be really honest and have a lot of productive criticism because we’re so comfortable with one another, we don’t have to hold back and it helps us achieve what we’re going for.”

Joyer 2023-2024 Tour Dates

12/28 Queens, NY @ TV Eye w/ Bruiser in Bicycle
02/09 Chicago, IL @ Sleeping Village w/ Interlay, Prize Horse
02/10 Akron, OH @ Kling Thing w/ Interlay, Funeral Commercial
02/11 Pittsburgh, PA @ West Egg w/ Interlay, Find My Friends

Order “Drive All Night” by Joyner HERE


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