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Tomorrow's Fire

Squirrel Flower

Squirrel Flower’s forthcoming album, Tomorrow’s Fire, set to release on October 13th, 2023, is a vivid and immersive musical exploration rooted in the artist’s personal experiences and the environments that have profoundly shaped her creative vision. Ella Williams, known as Squirrel Flower, possesses a remarkable ability to translate the essence of the landscapes and atmospheres that surround her into haunting and introspective melodies.

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This album draws inspiration from the awe-inspiring Indiana Dunes, a protected stretch along Lake Michigan’s shoreline. Ella Williams was deeply moved by the contrast between the Dunes’ natural beauty and the industrial landscape of Northwest Indiana. This juxtaposition of serene marshlands against the backdrop of steel factories and nuclear power plants serves as a powerful metaphor throughout “Tomorrow’s Fire,” reflecting the album’s title and its exploration of opposing forces.

The album opens with “i don’t use a trash can,” a reimagined version of Squirrel Flower’s debut song, paying homage to her early shows when her minimalist, looped vocals had the power to captivate an audience. This track sets the emotional tone for the album, with Williams’ haunting vocals inviting listeners to delve into their innermost feelings. “Full Time Job” and “When a Plant is Dying,” the album’s lead singles, explore the universal struggle of living as an artist in a world that sometimes feels unsupportive. Williams’ lyrics resonate deeply, reflecting the frustration and desperation that can come with pursuing a creative path. The music’s ferocious production mirrors the intensity of her words.

Williams’ journey to find herself is a central theme on this album. She candidly admits to losing herself in the pursuit of others’ expectations and the pressure of being perceived a certain way. However, she now embraces a path of unapologetic and uncompromising authenticity, influenced by role models like Kim Gordon, Patti Smith, and PJ Harvey, as well as contemporaries and friends.

In “Alley Light,” echoes of Bruce Springsteen emerge as Williams narrates the story of a man facing adversity in a rapidly changing cityscape. This vintage-inspired track captures the universal feelings of loss that accompany the transformation of urban landscapes. Family is another recurring theme, with “Canyon” paying homage to Williams’ mother’s rebellious spirit and love for Springsteen.

One of the album’s most striking features is Squirrel Flower’s voice. It effortlessly cuts through the heavy rock instrumentation, delivering lyrics with haunting and heavenly vocals. Her voice becomes the emotional anchor of the album, driving home the intensity and authenticity of each track.

As a whole, Tomorrow’s Fire is an album that demands to be listened to, not just heard. It’s a musical journey that takes you through the depths of human emotion, and Squirrel Flower’s fearless approach to songwriting is both refreshing and deeply moving. Whether you’re a fan of rock music or simply appreciate raw, honest storytelling, “Tomorrow’s Fire” is an album that deserves a special place in your music collection. Squirrel Flower has poured her heart and soul into this release, and the result is nothing short of extraordinary.

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