Birthmark Debuts Video For “Boyfriend”

Birthmark debut video for "Boyfriend." The project of Nate Kinsella new album Birth of Omni is out today via Polyvinyl Records
Birthmark Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez

Birthmark, the project of Nate Kinsella new LP, Birth of Omni, is available today via Polyvinyl Record Co. Along with the release, Kinsella shares the new music video for “Boyfriend”, in which he and his wife celebrate their love with an endearing and joyful dance together in nothing more than two pairs of roller skates. “I wrote this song for my wife, Jamie, to enjoy,” shares Kinsella. “She has a deep, unironic love of 90’s R&B. But unlike any R&B song from that era, this one sexualizes and celebrates male domesticity. Weird flex.” Nate Kinsella, multi-instrumentalist, various projects indie groups (American Football, Joan of Arc, LIES, and Make Believe).

“I got into roller skating a couple years ago and I’ve been into the whole social nudity thing for quite a while now… They share a couple things–the potential to feel embarrassed and the potential to feel liberated. Combining roller skating and nudity really maximizes vulnerability. I wanted the video to show liberation through vulnerability. It’s really a tribute to Jamie and her openness in accepting who I am. That is the quality in her that glues my life together.”

Birth of Omni began in the dark. Five years ago, when Nate Kinsella began writing his fifth album under the name Birthmark, his world, like that of so many others, felt upside down. This was early 2018, a year into the Trump presidency and amid the ubiquitous American fever of mass shootings and racist violence. Just months earlier, the dawning revelations of the MeToo movement had jolted him, ending his naivete and giving him insight into how the women in his life often saw the men in theirs. Nearing 40, he was finally a father, too, with a newborn daughter and another on the way. Into what kind of world, he sensibly wondered, was he bringing these kids? Early songs wallowed in this anxious question, the dim start of what he thought might be a not-especially-uplifting EP.

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