Liminal Space by The Pleasure Dome album review by David Saxum for Northern Transmissions, the UK band's EP is now out via Hound Gawd Records


Liminal Space

The Pleasure Dome

The Pleasure Dome, a spirited UK band, unveiled their latest EP, “Liminal Space,” on May 10th, delivering a burst of vitality that’s hard to resist. From start to finish, it’s a rollercoaster ride of energy and diversity, keeping you hooked and eager for what comes next.

Opening with “The Duke Pt. 1” and “The Duke Pt. 2,” the band swiftly transports you to a cozy venue, setting the scene with gentle guitar strums before unleashing a rock onslaught that belies their intimate setting. “The Duke Pt. 2” stands out as a raucously authentic track, with Bobby Spender’s introspective musings contrasting brilliantly against the alt-rock/punk backdrop contrasting against the sounds from an intimate pub.

Diving deeper into the EP, “Your Fucking Smile” kicks things into high gear with its punk rock fervor, driven by Bobby’s robotic vocals riding atop frenetic drumming that’ll have your legs bouncing in anticipation. Then, just as you settle into the groove, they pivot sharply with “Sugar,” a banjo-infused ode echoing classic Appalachian tones. It’s a bold move that pays off handsomely, leaving you eager for more surprises.

Thematically rich, the album delves into love, loss, and addiction, with tracks like “Sucicide” and “Shoulder to Cry On” reflecting the band’s own emotional journey. This blend of fast-paced punk and tender folk not only showcases their musical prowess but also their willingness to push boundaries and explore new territory.

Overall, “Liminal Space” is a joyride of sonic delights, seamlessly weaving between genres and themes to keep listeners on their toes. The Pleasure Dome’s gamble of mixing styles and delving into deep subject matter pays off, making for an album that feels both fresh and captivating, leaving you eagerly anticipating what they’ll do next.

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