“Hypnotized” By River Tiber

After the release of his new album Dreaming Eyes, River Tiber has shared a video for album track “Hypnotized.” The album is first full-length release since his 2016 debut Indigo. The Toronto-based producer’s music has been sampled by Drake, SZA, and Travis Scott. Lead single “Hypnotized” was also featured on Kendrick Lamar’s Grammy Award-nominated album Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers.

The new video for “Hypnotized” by director Leo Aguirre. “During the lockdown Tommy and I started discussing themes and got to talking about the lack of empathy that seemed to be at the surface of everything that was happening politically and socially,” says Aguirre. “At the same time, Tommy’s music is inhabited by these mystical and romantic undertones so I really wanted to introduce a character that would in a way embody this hope; this elusive idea of love and hope that he is chasing.”

“Sonically, the song is bathed in this deep mysticism and is explosively psychedelic so I wanted to create something visually striking that would match the song’s energy,” Aguirre continues. “When we were conceptualizing the video, we thought about everything from the pandemic to increasingly drastic climate disasters, data breaches and the extirpation of democracies around the world, so we thought we would be remiss not to create a hyperbolized, but potentially not so distant, reality; one in which hyper-surveillance is inescapable and where it has become easier to live in a state of sedation – something akin to ‘Soma’ in Huxley’s in Brave New World. That is why we wanted to introduce this metaphor of a modern opium den in which people are collectively sedated.”

River Tiber
Dreaming Eyes

01 Rainbow Road
02 Hypnotized
03 In Between
04 Sent From Above
05 Taurus
06 Inside Out
07 Everyone’s Sleeping
08 Not Just Anyone
09 Sunset
10 Vanity

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