“Out Of This Hell” by Earth Tongue

Earth Tongue have shared “Out Of This Hell”, a track lifted from the duo’s forthcoming album Great Haunting, available June 14 via In The Red Records and DSPs. Loosely based on the bubonic plague, it captures the eerie imagery of physicians who tended to victims in the 16th and 17th centuries, adorned in terrifying masks resembling bird-like beaks and draped in long black capes. The thought of encountering such a figure while lying on one’s deathbed makes the track fitting material for an album titled Great Haunting.

The video, directed by Levi Cranston, was filmed against the breathtaking backdrop of Anawhata and Whites Beach on the West Coast of Auckland, New Zealand. Cranston was the perfect collaborator for Earth Tongue’s vision. With a penchant for shooting on 16mm film, coupled with drummer Ezra Simons’ background as a director and his French cinema camera in tow, the group had everything they needed to create a gothic horror fantasy.

“I couldn’t wait to unleash some screams like a wannabe scream queen. I even cried real tears for this! There’s something a little spooky about the West Coast, particularly at night when you’re standing in the cold wielding a knife for the camera. It’s such a wild, remote coastline and there weren’t any houses or people around for miles. I think that helped me with channelling that sense of isolation and turmoil,” says vocalist/guitarist Gussie Larkin of the experience.

Recording engineer Jonathan Pearce (The Beths), while searching for the right synth sound, started playing the vocal melody line then harmonising it, creating a creepy and psychedelic texture that the band instantly loved. The synth intro was added after the song was otherwise complete, as the band knew it was going to be the first song on the record and wanted a spooky and cinematic buildup to set the tone of the record.

About Earth Tongue: Earth Tongue is a Heavy Psych/Fuzz band hailing from Aotearoa, New Zealand, renowned for their fusion of ethereal melodies and thunderous rhythms. Comprising of Gussie Larkin on guitar and vocals and Ezra Simons on drums. Their debut album ‘Floating Being’ (Stolen Body Records, 2019) quickly became an underground hit, seeing them embark on multiple tours across Australasia and Europe in the years since its release. The band has toured with IDLES, Ty Segall, King Woman, Kikagaku Moyo and Queens of the Stone Age, and more.

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