Neon Pill by Cage The Elephant album review by David Saxum for Northern Transmissions. The LP is now out via RCA Records and DSPs


Neon Pill

Cage The Elephant

After a five-year hiatus, Cage the Elephant makes a return with their sixth album, Neon Pill. This collection is a true rock album infused with an upbeat vibe, starkly contrasting with the tumultuous state frontman Matt Shultz was in while penning many of the tracks.

Matt Shultz, the band’s frontman, endured a harrowing experience of psychosis triggered by prescribed medication, an ordeal that ended in his arrest. Shultz credits this dramatic event with saving his life, offering him a newfound freedom from the grip of his mental health struggles. His vulnerability about this dark chapter and the subsequent music that emerged from it is brave and inspiring.

Longtime fans will be pleased to find that Neon Pill retains the signature sound that has defined Cage the Elephant, blending elements reminiscent of Melophobia and Tell Me I’m Pretty. This familiar yet fresh sound is evident throughout the album.

Two standout tracks are “Rainbow” and “Float into the Sky”. These songs encapsulate the essence of Cage the Elephant while introducing new dimensions to their music. “Float into the Sky” evokes a serene sense of calm and self-assurance, while “Rainbow” delivers a euphoric, almost ethereal experience akin to crowd surfing.

Despite exploring new territories, the band hasn’t abandoned their gritty, punk-infused roots. “Metaverse” exemplifies this with its electrifying guitar riffs that inject a burst of energy midway through the album. Similarly, “Ball and Chain” features a compelling bassline that lingers long after the track ends.

The album closes on a hopeful note with “Over the Shoulder”, hinting at a brighter future. This song, and the album as a whole, resonate with a sense of optimism and renewal. It’s a relief and a joy to see the band not only return with new music but also appear to be in a healthy place.

With Cage the Elephant set to tour in the coming year, their live performances promise to be legendary. Matt Shultz, often compared to a young Iggy Pop, is known for his dynamic stage presence, frequently diving into the crowd and creating unforgettable concert experiences.

Neon Pill is a great album that reaffirms Cage the Elephant’s place in the rock landscape. It’s a testament to their resilience and artistic growth, and it sets the stage for an exciting future. This album offers a well-balanced mix of nostalgic nods to the mid-2010s and modern twists, making it a must-listen.

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