Jamie Isaac Collaborates With Nosaj Thing

Jamie Isaac Collaborates With Nosaj Thing
Jamie Isaac and Nosaj Thing

Following the release of of (04:30) Jamie Isaac headed to LA, immersing himself in the lifestyle and music scene. It was there that he met fellow artist, Nosaj Thing and the two proved to be a natural fit. They immediately headed to Nosaj Thing’s home studio to record together, and the result is ‘3,’ an aptly-titled three track EP. The EP follows their returning single “Next To Me”, which was teased out just the week before on January 24th.

Nosaj, who’s previous collaborators include Chance the Rapper, Jamie XX and Toro y Moi has bought a critical ear and an RnB shuffle to Jamie’s playing, and, having spent years exploring intimate, late night crooning, Jamie Isaac was ready to introduce a new energy to his music.

About 3, Jamie comments: “I’m really trying to make music that people can actually move to. I love to dance myself… It was great working with someone who’d just say no – if he didn’t like my melodies he’d push back. Nosaj and I understand each other’s music, we have similar styles, and we’ve become really good friends. We’re making songs for people to have fun to – I’m into going down that route. I love pop music…!”

Fans of Jamie’s previous emotionally stark content need not worry – his swerve into the light has been largely confined to the music, whilst the lyrics across the three tracks cover his experience of dealing with the pain that followed the recent collapse of his long-term relationship. “I love the tongue in cheek-ness of having really sad lyrics and putting them to a happy beat.” He explains, on the theme of the EP, “The lyrics are about what I’ve been through over the last half year – being with somebody for the last five or six years and not being with them anymore. I guess all the records I do are breakup records, but this is the breakup record.”

The shift in sound hasn’t lost Jamie Isaac’s recognizable and charming character however. His notably intimate vocals weave entrancing melodies in and out of Nosaj’s deep lo-fi textures to create an upbeat groove, designed to get people up on their feet. Talking about his time in LA and spent with Nosaj Thing, Jamie Isaac has a new-found enthusiasm and excitement for the future, commenting “I feel reborn. I wanna be a different, happier healthier person in every aspect I guess. I’ve never shown people this side of me”.

‘3’ EP

1 – Next To Me
2 – Made
3 – I Know


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