Nosaj Thing Collaborates With Toro Y Moi

Nosaj Thing, has shared the final single off his forthcoming album Continua. The track and video "Condition" featuring Toro y Moi
Nosaj Thing collaborates with Toro Y Moi on "Condition"

Producer/artist Nosaj Thing, has shared the final single from his forthcoming fifth album Continua, available October 28th. The track and video “Condition” features Toro y Moi. Along with Chaz Bear’s assistance on vocals and piano, “Condition” features Amir Yaghmai on the viola, Mike Andrews on synth and Sunny Levine with additional production. Closely following the project’s release, Nosaj Thing will perform with Toro y Moi at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles on Oct 29th.

Nosaj Thing’s full length Continua will house the previously released singles “Look Both Ways” featuring Pink Siifu, “We Are” featuring HYUKOH and “Blue Hour” featuring Julianna Barwick along with a stellar ensemble cast including Toro y Moi, Kazu Makino (Blonde Redhead), serpentwithfeet, Sam Gendel, Coby Sey, Mike Andrews, Slauson Malone, Panda Bear & Eyedress.

In the five years since his last full length, Parallels, Jason W. Chung has proceeded through family health-scares and house break-ins: those tectonic shifts that help define our character. Throughout the recording, Jason referred to a photo he’d acquired the rights to, from fabled hip hop photographer Eddie Otchere. The image depicted an open road at dusk: somewhere remote, high in the West Highlands of Scotland. The image possesses an embodied, cinematic quality, begging the viewer to continue down the path we can’t foresee. Consequently, Jason trucked forward gathering friends and likeminded artists across emerging Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul and the Avant-Garde, patiently sculpting a record that encourages us to keep going.

Nosaj Thing, rose from noise and punk shows at DIY venue The Smell. The artist has innovated with a live experiences conceived with Tokyo-based AV savant Daito Manabe. Chung’s music carries such visceral humanity it feels like a disservice to refer to the ‘mood’ which pervades his records. But it’s exactly that distinct mood that has made Nosaj Thing such a cult artist across his 16-year-deep discography. “We Are (우리는)” is the first single from a record that sees Chung’s scope as composer, producer and arranger exceed expectations.

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