“Flames of Love” by Night Lunch

Night Lunch have shared a new video for “Flames of Love”, a track off their forthcoming LP Fire in the Rose Garden, available October 20th, via Mothland (Medicine Singers, Yoo Doo Right). The album follows the Montreal band’s previous releases Space Dementia (2016) and Self-Titled (2018) and Wall of Love via boutique labels Celluloid Lunch Records in North America and Black Hole in Japan.

Alongside the single, the band taps into the dark ages with a medieval-inspired music video directed by Vincent Papineau.“Love’s tune, akin to art crafted by algorithms, carries both allure and complexity. Like imperfect computer processes, it faces disruptions. Dissonance mixes with affection, as glitches do in code-generated art. Love, an ever-evolving journey similar to the learning process of automated systems, stumbles through misunderstandings. Yet, just as technology refines itself, love matures, drawing strength from its flaws. Vulnerable, like the growth of automated systems, it thrives in imperfection. Love, a profound expression of human emotion, embraces both brilliance and blemish, mirroring the imperfect beauty of technology-driven creations”, Papineau explains.

Fire in the Rose Garden is a fun and weird album that will make you dance and cry at the same time. It is designed to act as a refuge from the harsh realities of life, if only temporarily, and to surrender to the joyful act of listening to a good song. Some songs come from deep personal feelings, and some are purely fantasy/fiction.” – Night Lunch

The band inclues Lukie Lovechild (vocals/guitar), Marlee MacMillan (vocals/bass), Wes MacNeil (keys), and Khayman McColgan (drums), with the band being an amalgamation of beloved Montreal projects Baked Goods and The Marlees. Fire in the Rose Garden is the band’s most collaborative album to date, beginning with Khayman’s dad John McColgan tracking drums at JMC Studios. The band elaborates, “A Night Lunch album would not be complete if we didn’t have at least one dad on the project. This time it was Khayman’s dad, John McColgan, who we tracked most of the drums with. Aside from the loan of a very nice preamp, the other tracks were recorded with the gear from our home studios – nothing fancy. From there, our friend David who plays in Tops was able to hook us up with Luca Matteucci, who did the mixing in Italy, and then Nik Kozub, who did the mastering from Edmonton.”

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