Undiscovered gems from the great white north

Undiscovered gems from the great white north
Undiscovered gems from the great white north by Ben Lock

For years, Vancouver has been the home to many young and ambitious musicians, and it is currently a place where the scene finally makes sense. You can go see a show With Shoegaze bands, R&B acts, and Noisey Post punk bands all on the same bill, and they are all friends. There’s always a strong passion radiating throughout the bands and Crowds at venues such as Green Auto, Red Gate, and 648 Kingsway. It’s an exciting and growing scene that people want to participate in and grow instead of gatekeeping and protecting it for their enjoyment or Clique. Throughout the year, there have been plenty of releases from exciting young bands, and this month, there have been more than usual. Here are three bands That have just released fantastic new albums.

Tall Mary is Hypnotic and Poetic, Heavy and Transformative. The Band is the brainchild of Cole Klassen, a local artist and music scene champion who has been putting their absolute heart into this wonderfully ambitious triple LP debut album, When Will I Find Something New, released on May 3rd through Kingfisher Bluez. Throughout 17 songs, Tall Mary performs their Brilliantly unique Blend of Post Rock, Noise rock, and post-punk with lyrics that poetically Represent their experience as a Non-binary person. The way The stories and poetic symbolism evolve throughout the album feel more than conceptual; they feel honest and powerful in a way that overtakes the listener. Not only is this a phenomenal album, it’s a remarkable showcase of expression and feeling free. This Is a band that needs to be heard.

The next artist I want to mention Is Cam Blake and his Sophomore Album, SATISFACTION OF SAMENESS, an album that the Vancouver music scene has been waiting for quite some time. This is, without a doubt, one of the most well-produced and conceptual Projects to come out of Vancouver in the last couple of years. The Songs are created in a musical world that is influenced by electronic music and hyperpop as much as by Modern funk and Alt rock bands such as Parcels and Turnover. The Vocal performances on this album are well-layered and intentional in every way. Cam carries the ability to get lost in his creative world and create a conceptual piece of music that starts the same way it ends. A great album by one of Vancouver’s most promising acts.

Another creative force in the Vancouver scene is the 5 Piece Indie Rock group Punching Knives, and they have also just put out an excellent Debut album, Thoughts On A Record. An album that is as soulful as it is psychedelic. The Band has been proving its strength in writing and performing cool and impressionable songs that use elements of experimentation and improvisation. There is a strong rhythmic core in all these songs, and it’s one of the Band’s most exciting and interesting elements. Strong examples are in tracks such as “Theme for Kingsway” and “I Wanna Know.” The album closer “I Wanna Be Sad” is one of my favourites off the album and one of the most poetic examples of Frontpersons Len’s Songwriting. This highlights the scene’s current state, which feels like it will only get better.

words by Ben Lock


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