Late Year album review by Dilip & Otxhello album by Adam Fink for Northern Transmissions

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Dilip & Otxhello

Late Year

The role of the music producer is one that is still somewhat shrouded in mystery. To some, the producer is the technical brains behind a record. Listening intently and flipping one of hundreds of knobs on a desk in front of them. To others, it’s the person who helps mold the sound of a band. Taking the ideas the artists have brought to them and bringing them to life the way they’ve always dreamt.

While both of these things are entirely true, besides a few exceptions, most producers aren’t considered in the same light as the artists they work with. Well, now Dilip & Otxhello are here to show everyone that producers are artists in their own right. At only 21 and 23, the two little known producers are already Platinum certified for their work with Lil Skies and Gold for their work with Lil Tecca and Lil Pump and have just dropped their collaborative EP Late Year. The mostly instrumental affair acts more like a calling card of what the pair are capable of than an actual traditional release and in this regard it’s exciting and fresh enough to guarantee that more work with even bigger artists will be quickly coming their way.

The EP effectively kicks off with the track “play!!-“ but the track list isn’t as important as the sum of the whole listening experience melded together. There’s an amazing intro that would easily be able to act as a ready made score that any feature film would kill to have and it isn’t long before the strings strain and chimes echo off into full bass blasts and skittering rhythms. It’s all so well done. The duo take full advantage of the mixing skills they have and cast the track literally at all angles around your headphones before culminating in the lovely violin and piano denouement on “sinking @@!” that isn’t exactly dissimilar to what you’d hear on a “The Sounds Of Philadelphia” compilation. The experience moves on from there awash in the gorgeous reverb and tinkling keys of “a true story “*”” before things really step up tempo and energy wise. The record moves through 90s RnB groves, smooth vibraphone laced jazz and stutter step Voodoo-esque drumming. Each part surpassing what came before it, while contributing perfectly to a distinctly cohesive whole.

There’s not much info out there on Dilip & Otxhello but with Late Year that should change. It’s a slight collection at only 18 minutes but one that feels like a fully fleshed out journey that will appeal to fans of, not only, hip hop and other beat driven music but just music fans in general. Here’s hoping to hear more ASAP.