Here in the Pitch by Jessica Pratt album review by Christopher Patterson for Northern Transmissions


Here in the Pitch

Jessica Pratt

Here In The Pitch, the fourth album by Jessica Pratt, is finally here. Her latest effort, undoubtedly her boldest and most unique LP yet, finally greets us. Here In The Pitch represents not only a high point in a true masterful artist’s career but also a future classic. It is a melodic and quite hypnotising work with its vocals and sounds, conveying a distant dream almost in its unique tranquility. It’s simply a work of sound that demands attention.

Each track here has vocals that hook you in with every verse. The opening track, “Life Is,” makes this most clear with the beautiful and alluring vocals that sooth you into a quiet and undeniably unforgettable kind of experience. The vocals evoke memories from decades past, evoking a sense of distance and tenderness akin to that of a lullaby your parents might sing to you. It is a work that continues this, with the next track, “Better Hate,” possibly the most clear instance of this. The backing and production convey a quieter, more relaxed attitude that even the previous track didn’t have, elevating it to a new level while maintaining its uniqueness. Despite it feeling similar to the previous track with its vocal performance, the little additions and lyrics make it feel so unique, along with the backing vocals heard throughout being quite fascinating and meditative. As each track makes it firmly clear here, Here In The Pitch is an album full of delicacy and so much precision.

Here In The Pitch is a delicate and atmospheric work that never loses sight of its intention. It is a work that grabs you with such moving and tender vocals that make each song so connected yet so different, thanks to the separations in the beautiful songwriting and production, which feel like an evolution as the album grows. Here In The Pitch, it can best be described as growing-up work. Its songs convey a sense of growth for an artist who is as precise in her craft as ever. Here, it feels almost like an emotional goodbye. Each track here has an unworldly yet universal feel, which makes it clear how talented Jessica Pratt truly is. It feels like work that reminds you of one of the moments you think of in your life and just makes you smile. These moments include seeing a friend for the last time, embarking on your own journey, and bidding farewell to your parents. With its melodious vocals, Here In The Pitch pulls off a true melancholic and emotional tone, akin to a Proustian moment. Here In The Pitch is a staggering work that represents a high point in an artist’s career, and, even more, it pulls off some of the most unique pieces of music that feel impossible to replicate.

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