“You Got It All (NOT)” By Spud Cannon

"You Got It All (NOT) by Spud Cannon is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day
"You Got It All (NOT) by Spud Cannon

Spud Cannon have shared their new single “You Got It All (NOT),” the lead single off of their forthcoming release, Good Kids Make Bad Apples

Meg Matthews (lead vocals), “This song DROVE ME CRAZY!!! I spent hours singing along to the voice memo in my car to work out the melody, and even longer trying to figure out lyrics back in Summer ‘19… After trying night after night by myself, I had pages of loose lines, rhymes, and ideas, but it took a group effort with Lucy and Ari to actually solidify anything.”

Ari Bowe (keys, vocals), “Since we collaborated on this song, I followed Meg’s lead when it came to the concept behind the lyrics. To me, it’s about these back-and-forth feelings for someone who is lovable yet stubborn and difficult to deal with. Kind of like an internal conflict between caring for this person while also grappling with their inability to be emotionally mature.

Jackson Walker Lewis (guitar), “Instrumentally, this was by far the one we spent the most time on…The song in total is just a hybridization of many influences—for the intro, I wanted to draw inspiration from “This Charming Man”/”Wouldn’t It Be Nice,” whereas the verse mimics the sequence from The Jam’s “A Town Called Malice”…While it felt like a wrestling match the whole way through it, I refused to give up on it because I fervently believed it to be the indie magnum opus of the album, almost a crystallization of all we had done previously.”

Spud Cannon
Good Kids Make Bad Apples 
Good Eye Records

01: Juno
02: Supersonic
03: Out!
04: You Got It All (NOT)
05: Lovely
06: Sleeper
07: P.O.T.A.T.O
08: Na Na Na
09: Easy

Spud Cannon formed at Vassar College in the fall of 2016, the story of Spud Cannon charts the emotional journey of finding oneself with vignettes of rock and roll highs and lows interspersed throughout. All, mostly, before the quintet of Meg Matthews (lead vox), Jackson Walker Lewis (guitar), Ari Bowe (keys), Lucy Horgan (bass) and Benjamin Scharf (drums) could buy a drink (legally).