Spud Cannon Debut New Single “Supersonic”

Spud Cannon have shared their new single "Supersonic," The track is off the band's forthcoming release Good Kids Make Bad Apples
Spud Cannon photo by Juan C. Quimper

“Supersonic,” is the latest single off of Spud Cannon’s forthcoming album, Good Kids Make Bad Apples, which drops on June 25, 2021 via Good Eye Records. We are happy to discover such a great new track, not only does it make our ears happy, we are all dancing too. This is the perfect track to put the pandemic blues in the back of your mind.

Beginning at Vassar College in the fall of 2016, the story of Spud Cannon charts the emotional journey of finding oneself with vignettes of rock and roll highs and lows interspersed throughout. All, mostly, before the quintet of Meg Matthews (lead vox), Jackson Walker Lewis (guitar), Ari Bowe (keys), Lucy Horgan (bass) and Benjamin Scharf (drums) could buy a drink (legally).

Spud Cannon’s Ari Bowe (keys, vocals) on “Supersonic:”

“Since the girls write all the lyrics, we always end up writing about the guys in the band. It’s almost like a rite of passage, and for us it’s a fun way to get our feelings out there. There are a lot of songs about Jackson, but this song is Ben’s debut as our subject! It’s about us all being worried that Ben (with his newfound party persona) would get himself in more trouble than he could handle. Hence “Good luck doing time for a big smile.” The lyrics definitely embody a sort of cheeky warning to our beloved Ben. While he was pissed at first, he came to understand where the lyrics were coming from, and the song is now one of his top tracks from Good Kids.”

Spud Cannon
Good Kids Make Bad Apples

01: Juno
02: Supersonic
03: Out!
04: You Got It All (NOT)
05: Lovely
06: Sleeper
07: P.O.T.A.T.O
08: Na Na Na
09: Easy

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