Wet Still Run Review for Northern Transmissions


Still Run


There’s something brilliant to the right mix of sound and emotion. For the latest record from Wet, their compositions totally envelop you as a listener, and can occasionally be so powerful it can distract you from the rest of the music. Though it can be soothing enough to get you too comfortable, it’s an intoxicating listen to say the least.

A mix of island-like guitars and heavenly harmonies set of the album on “Still Run” while strings bring out the rich warmth in Wet’s emotional lyricism. With Starchild & The New Romantic providing even more uplifting harmonies to balance the heartbreak of the song with its sense of freedom. “There’s A Reason” explores the doubtful worlds of relationships even further, while mixing in some sunny guitars as Kelly Zutrau seems ambivalent to her future. Each hook is more addictive than the last, but there’s a true melancholy behind each line of the song that saves it all from feeling cheesy.

While “You’re Not Wrong” offers an even more personal story that is too detailed to be made up, much of the pop behind it runs a little too derivative. Here much of the emotional range of the album almost feels wasted or manufactured as the detailed arrangements completely distract from the weight of the song behind them. “Lately” oozes a slow-burning and watery pop, with every synth hook complementing the smooth vocals. While it can almost be too relaxing for its own good, there’s enough impactful singing to carry the song and keep it lively.

There’s so much more however on “Softens” where Wet really starts to give a more dynamic and driving energy to their music. Even with all the amazing building emotion in the track the expanding arrangements and delivery still manages to be the shining star here. “11 Hours” hits some of most stirring and evocative highs of the records when its drums sweep in, only being off-set by how soothing much of the song usually is. This touches on one of the album’s sparing faults, which would be crafting a sound so delicate and lush that it lulls its audience too well at times.

From the subtle twangs and pronunciations on “This Woman Loves You” Wet transforms themselves into a shoegaze-era country act for a moment. Though they only you dip into this palette, they also tap into much of the genre’s powerful heartbreak. So many of the initial lyricism stands out without anything but a synth at the start of “Out Of Tune,” making for a song that feels a little too trope-heavy lyrically. As it hits its stride and beat however, the delivery picks up as well for an explosive second-half that will pull on your heartstrings.

Wet take their compositions to new heights on “Visitor” where the drums take on colossal energy, guitars slide with purpose and the strings take on a thematic grandeur. With this power behind them, Wet make their touching story all the more potent for a track that hits you with a guttural wallop of evocative writing. Zutrau’s vocals hit their most spritely on “Love Is Not Enough” while they bring new low-end into their sound for a shocking mix of sounds. Stretching their sonic range here, they make a song that hits you in weird ways to keep you gripped while never keeping it predictable.


Words by Owen Maxwell



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