Dominic Fike announces Sunburn LP

Dominic Fike announces Sunburn LP. The artist's full-length is set for release on July 7th via Columbia Records and DSPs
Dominic Fike photo by Daniel Prakopcyk

Dominic Fike announces the release of his sophomore album Sunburn, the full-length is set for release on July 7th via Columbia Records. Teasing the announcement over the past week by Dom on socials, the upcoming album finds him returning to his native Florida, examining the culture and environments that are unique to the Sunshine State. These themes and the album’s autobiographical storytelling were first previewed by recent single “Dancing In The Courthouse” and are further showcased by the album’s cover. This Friday, he will release “Ant Pile.”

Sunburn offers the aching and vulnerable revelations of a young artist still growing and putting their best foot forward. Someone who returned home to discover himself once more, who found the right words in small rooms – conjuring timeless spells to close this last chapter of his life and open the door to his future.”

Alternative Songs for a demo recorded while on house arrest and subsequent collaborations with the likes of Paul McCartney, Omar ApolloKenny Beats and more.

While it would have been easy for Dom to tap any number of superproducers and go-to songwriters for his forthcoming album, he decided to revisit his roots and return to Florida to pen a love letter to the complicated locale in which he was raised. Aided by drummer Henry Kwapis (Dijon), bassist Devon Workman and producer Jim-E-Stack, Sunburn is comprised of 14 ruthlessly honest dispatches from about heartbreak and regret, addiction, sex, and jealousy. The album is perhaps best represented by its title track “Sunburn,” a mission statement about life in South Florida: being too broke for higher education, the tears of a mother terrified about losing it all, and the resolve of the narrator to never let that happen. As its refrain goes, “when I die, lay me in the sun,”

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