From 2 To 3 by Peach Pit Album review by Mark Crickmay. The Vancouver band's full-length is now available via Columbia Records and DSPs


From 2-3

Peach Pit

Peach pit land firmly on solid ground while they dreamscape their way through everyday euphoria and serene serenades on their third full length album. Full of ex-lovers, post-party hangouts and dusky summer vibes — From 2 to 3 is a solid indie-pop album.

Staying true to their Canadian country and folk roots, Peach Pit lead listeners through fields of ex-lovers, friends, and the simple things in life — getting high and cracking a cold one, likely a Pabst. “Wake up and see that money changes all and everything else,” vocalist Neil Smith croons in true sad-boy nature on ‘Pepsi On The House’ while flirting with fame. It’s the albums most energetic track by far, a speedway of melancholy, flirtatious lyrics and euphemistic melodies.

The four piece explore jazzy folk sentiments on ‘Look Out’, arguably Smith’s most succinct vocal performance. Exploring some alternative instrumentation — lap-steel, harmonica, and a Rhodes piano — the four-piece mature ever so slightly as they move from life of the party to home-body nostalgia.

‘Everything About You’ takes an ethereal turn for the indie-pop wranglers. “I got the dope here in hand / just waiting for you to come home,” Smith lulls listeners as he leans with a heavy hand into his somber stoner vibes. ‘Give Up Baby Go’ jangles its way through a gentle country shuffle proving once again the good ol’ Vancouver boys have a firm grasp on their stake in indie-folk pop.

Smooth, sullen and effortlessly sombre — the boys in Peach Pit deliver another grade-A indie-pop album to the world. Produced by Robbie Lackritz who has worked with the likes of Feist and Jack Johnson — undoubtedly providing a certain organic nature to the album. Kick back, feel the wind in your hair, and take a deep breath in — “From 2 to 3” is about as chill as it gets for Vancouver-based indie-pop rockers Peach Pit. The album feels like a late night summer haze, wandering in and out of friends apartments indulging in the seemingly good life. Catch Peach Pit out on their 48-date tour across North America, the UK, and Europe, in spring
of 2022.

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