“Wait To See” By No Swoon

No Swoon have shared the second single off their forthcoming sophomore album Take Your Time, “Wait To See”. Originally based out of New York, when the world slowed down so did Tasha Abbott & Zack Nestel-Patt. The downtime, spent reflecting on their lives and where they were going, led to their relocation to Los Angeles, and to the enhanced new palette of sounds they’re working with across the album’s 10-tracks.

On “Wait To See” Abbott explains – “This song is about growing up. We’re talking to our younger selves who had very specific dreams and ideas of how our lives would pan out. But as we all know, the hopes and dreams we had at 15 are usually not our realities when we grow up.. We could look back and be upset that we didn’t become who we had hoped to be, or we could relish the new ideas and new dreams, and be ok with where we are. This song is about how looking back now, you can see the path that led to where we are now and how we wish we could tell our younger selves to be kind to who we will grow up to be.”

No Swoon recorded Take Your Time by themselves in western Massachusetts, amidst the isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic. The record sees Abbott performing on guitar and vocals, with Nestel-Patt taking on synthesizer, bass, and engineering duties. The band enlisted drummer Jon Smith to add the crucial rhythm tracks, and after some further contributions by Peter Wagner on guitar (Furrows, Olden Yolk), Jake Aaron on additional production (Snail Mail, Grizzly Bear), and Charlie Van Kirk on the loose ends, the renowned Chris Coady took on the task of mixing the album (Beach House, Amen Dunes, Hand Habits).

Conceived during a time of transition, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, political upheaval, and an impending move to Los Angeles (where the band now resides), the record celebrates a joyful acceptance of the paths that have led each of us to where we are now. The songs on Take Your Time have a calm strength to them, a self assuredness, even as the stories they tell are of mistakes, regrets, and forgotten dreams. About the album’s themes, Abbott contends, “We are so hard on ourselves for decisions we made years ago. I have plenty of regrets, but I also see it as a process, and it’s ok that I didn’t realize the hopes and dreams of 20-year old me. What did she know anyways?”

No Swoon
Take Your Time

01 Take Your Time
02 Again
03 Beside
04 Otherside
05 Wait To See
06 Then Again
07 Nothing
08 Watch It Go
09 Spare The Time
10 I Know You Know

No Swoon 2022 Tour Dates

Mar 16 – 20 – Austin, TX (SXSW)
Mar 23 – 26 – Boise, ID (Treefort Music Festival)
April 18 – Los Angeles, CA (The Echo) w/ Heaven’s Club & Peel Dream Magazine

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