Ian Sweet Debuts “Sing Till I Cry”

Ian Sweet has shared a new single/video, “Sing Till I Cry”
Ian Sweet “Sing Till I Cry”

Ian Sweet has shared a new single/video, “Sing Till I Cry.” The track is off her forthcoming LP, Show Me How You Disappear, due out on March 5th via Polyvinyl. The track follows previous singles “Drink The Lake,” “Dumb Driver,” “Power,” and “Sword,” “Sing Till I Cry.” Ian Sweet is the musical project of Jilian Medford, today, she has shared a video created by herself and Will Duncan, the clip is made of eccentric collages of images and video clips of Medford, both present and past. “‘Sing Till I Cry’ encapsulates the aftermath of trauma and how your innocence feels like it’s been taken away from you,” says Medford. “You forget the simplest things, what it feels like to smile, how to see things clearly. This song prompts me to heal and rediscover that lightness of being. What gives you up? What makes you cry? What gives you love?”

Show Me How You Disappear was recorded with Andrew Sarlo (Big Thief, Empress Of), Andy Seltzer (Maggie Rogers), Daniel Fox, Will Van Boldrik & deadmen, Medford approached this album as a curator. She handpicked the producers that fit each song, which explains the range and experimentation showcased. Medford then recruited Chris Coady to mix and tie everything together.

The LP is both an exercise in self-forgiveness and an eventual understanding of unresolved trauma. Medford’s third record as IAN SWEET unfolds at an acute juncture in her life, charting from a mental health crisis to an intensive healing process and what comes after. The inklings for the record began slowly. In 2018, Medford began writing while living in a “hobbit hole” back house in Los Angeles. Mentally she was in a dark place. By January 2020, following increasingly severe panic attacks, Medford began a two-month intensive outpatient program, including six-hour days of therapy. It yielded an unprecedented level of self-reflection for Medford, who already plumbs the depths of her emotions for her songwriting. She took a step back from music to completely immerse herself in the program, and once she felt ready to move on at the end of February, the rest of the songs poured out of her.

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