Vera Sola Debuts “Desire Path”

Singer/songwriter Vera Sola returns with new track "Desire Path", The song is her first new music in three years
Vera Sora Photo by Ebru Yildiz with artwork by Daniel Martin Diaz

Singer/songwriter Vera Sola returns with new track “Desire Path”, The song is her first new music in three years. Alongside the release, she’s announced her signing to City Slang (Anna B Savage, Jessica Pratt) and Spectraphonic Records (CANADA).

Sola’s music has never fit any mold or followed in any footsteps—not even those of her own making. Where debut album Shades was made almost entirely alone, Desire Path was co-produced with Kenneth Pattengale, and recorded in Nashville with over a dozen contributing musicians. It marks a dramatic shift from the enclosed nature of her first recordings.

Speaking of the track Vera Sola says:

“I wrote this after screwing up a Brenda Lee song I’d been teaching myself to play one insomniac’s morning. The twisting chords laid out a story of awakening to compounded delusion, denial, despair.

The simplest way to describe it is a descent, or even better, an ascent into madness. Imagine a 60’s ballad, aggravated.

A scattershot of key changes and ratcheting modulations, I knew from first blush it required very specific strings. 13 violins drifting, moment by moment, more and more out of tune only for a madman’s synth to break through the soundscape, take over the melody and run it into the ground. The string section was the last thing we recorded in person before lockdown.

Order “Desire Path” by Vera Sora HERE


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