“Trilogy” ARTHUR

Pennsylvania native ARTHUR is releasing his debut album Woof Woof. The project arrives via British Producer Vegyn’s PLZ Make It Ruins label and includes previously-released singles “Ivy League” and “Sweet Memory”. Last week, Frank Ocean had ARTHUR on the midterm election special of his Blonded Radio show on Beats 1 to speak on the importance of making your voice heard, and also played his latest single.

In addition to his new album, ARTHUR is sharing a new three-song video “Trilogy.” The new video, directed by Richard Phillip Smith, encapsulates three tracks from the album “Woof Woof,” “God” and “Evil Me” into one visceral look at the many sides of ARTHUR’s personality, told through one of his lyric notebooks.

Woof Woof
PLZ Make It Ruins

1. Woof Woof
2. Ivy League
3. Where’s UR Eyes
4. Julie Vs. Robot Julie
5. Food
6. Sweet Memory
7. I’m Too Good
8. Snowbird
9. September Dark Planet
10. Finally I Will Know Myself
11. God
12. Wow F__k
13. Twist
14. Make It Easy
15. Evil Me
16. I’ve Seen It