Frank Ocean shares a taste of new LP ‘Blonde’

Frank Ocean streams a taste of 'Blonde'

Frank Ocean has released his new album Blonde. via his Boys Don’t Cry magazine. Last night, at pop-up shops in New York, London, L.A., fans showed up to various pop locations for a free copy of the magazine, which came packaged with his new album. Listen to a taste of it below.The album’s credits, listed include some pretty influential artists: David Bowie, Kanye West, Jamie xx, Kendrick Lamar, Beyoncé, the Beatles, André 3000, Brian Eno, Pharrell, Elliott Smith, and more.


01 Nikes
02 Ivy
03 Pink + White
04 Be Yourself
05 Solo
06 Skyline To
07 Self Control
08 Good Guy
09 Nights
10 Solo (Reprise)
11 Pretty Sweet
12 Facebook Story
13 Close to You
14 White Ferrari
15 Siegfried
16 Godspeed
17 Futura Free


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