“About You Now” OTTO

"About You Now," by OTTO is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. The track is off the artist's debut EP World Greetings, out July 29 on PLZ Make It Ruins
"About You Now," by OTTO

OTTO, has shared details of his debut EP World Greetings. The album will drop on due July 29th. Ahead of the release OTTO has shared the track “About You Now,” originally by The Sugarbabes and popularized by Miranda Cosgrove. The song is now available via PLZ Make It Ruins. “About You Now” is the first track OTTO is sharing from World Greetings, which the producer has described as, “a deep fried cheese ball with a fully ignited cheese sauce.”

To celebrate the release of this new track, OTTO and PLZ Make It Ruins are releasing a special edition collection of limited merch featuring a kaleidoscopic array of T-shirts and jelly beans taken straight from the “About You Now” single art. The shirts, featuring OTTO’s own art and the refined design sensibility that PLZ Make It Ruins has become known for, as well as a tray of subtly bizarre jelly beans, are available now at www.PLZ.world.

OTTO, an electronics student, analogue synth designer and musician, caught the attention of PLZ Make It Ruins label head Vegyn with early musical sketches posted to Soundcloud. OTTO’s musical world, a multi-verse containing highly tuned voices meant to represent “corporate sprites”, immaculately programmed rhythms, glitchy breakbeats and custom built synthesizer art pieces was hard to ignore. Vegyn had this to say about signing OTTO:

“OTTO was initially shown to me by my friend Sydney, who now works with me at PLZ! I was dumbfounded when I first heard his cover of “About You Now” on Soundcloud. At first, I didn’t recognise the song but once the chorus hit it all came flooding back! We reached out not long after and everything else he sent over was just as impressive as the last.”