The Suicide Of Western Culture share track

The Suicide of Western Culture share new single 'Amor De Madre'

Brought up in Barcelona’s industrial belt, the duo The Suicide Of Western Culture has become one of the most outstanding electronic music projects on our scene.

The Suicide Of Western Culture are influenced by early 90s IDM, structures and sounds that bring them close to the post rock of bands such as Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky and a visual universe that brings their referential images (death, the Civil War of ’36, myste- ries and desolate places, religion and retro futurism) together with an artistic and conceptual component. Juanjo and Miqui have gradually built their studio with trips to Cash Converters, swaps and cheap DIY, far removed from the analogical-vintage stance and working with the most affordable 90s synths.

Long Live Death! Down With Intelligence! is The Suicide Of Western Culture’s third album and, as a teaser, earlier this year the 12” “Still Breathing But Already Dead” was released by El Segell that includes 2 reworks by the Swedish producer The Field (one of their references) and Hugo Capablanca, the Berlin-based Spanish DJ. The track also has a video, an incredible crea- tion by Pau Teixidor filmed in Chatarras Palace, a suburban-Barcelona version of “Fight Club”.

Everything that the band have been developing over the past few years has been encapsulated here. “Amor de Madre” opens the album and contains all the duo’s trademarks: drones that turn into dreamy melodies, those grand drums that are full of punch and a sound that is somewhere between dark and epic. It also defines the rhythm and sound of the album, although the 11 tracks do leave room for surprises. “Drugs Bring Me Closer To You” and “Dysplasia” are the closest the band has got to the dance floor so far, while staying true to their sound.