The Field announces New Album ‘The Follower’

The Field Releases New Album "The Follower" on April 1st

THE FIELD has announced new album THE FOLLOWER, his fifth full-length release. Swedish soundsmith Axel Willner is well-known for his allusive layering of loops, but it was with his last album Cupid’s Head that a newly-found, somewhat pressing snappishness started to replace the soft-hued sonics of his ambient-infused techno, imbued with a darker mood and stronger footing than before. A carefully gauged balance of stoic motorik and gloomy drones was key here – just as it is for THE FOLLOWER which goes even further in blurring the lines between concrete experimentation, body music and precisely laid- out arrangement.

“As always when starting a new album, I wanted to do something that sounds fresh, but doesn’t stray too far from what I have so far done as THE FIELD – and that’s always the tricky part”, says Willner, adding that “the whole album came around through experimenting with a lot of new recording equipment and gear”. Willner’s knack for entwined drones and mutating loops is very much in place, but finds powerful support in an excitingly sturdy bassline and guitar-like screeches. It’s been a few years since THE FIELD’s band dissolved, which led to more club- oriented live gigs

The Follower is about old myths, finding utopia and how mankind repeatedly makes the same mistakes over and over”, explains Willner, but he remains an artist who prefers keeping things uncommented and the mistery intact.


01/A1. The Follower
02/A2. Pink Sun
03/B1. Monte Veritá
04/B2. Soft Streams
05/C1. Raise The Dead
06/D1. Reflecting Lights