My Entire Life by Susto album review by Greg Walker for Northern Transmissions


My Entire Life


“I’ll tell ya the truth, I got the microphone blues / But I give it to ‘em every night / You gotta rock on,” Justin Osborne of Charleston, South Carolina band Susto sings on their latest album, My Entire Life. You can’t really get a whole life into twelve songs, per se, but this collection of songs captures the last couple years and its highs and lows: divorce, friends and family with drug problems, how the pandemic almost ended the band.

It’s an album with heart, and a backing band to hold it up. There is good variation on the album, with their rock meets country meets pop feel. “That girl is a vampire / Got me in my heart / And set my brain on fire / Deep blue like a mermaid / I wanna swim to the bottom.” Through clever metaphor, like the songs “Rooster” or “Cowboys,” Osborne communicates the hardships that he’s been through, and the ultimate overcoming.

“If life is a jungle / I wanna be a bird / Flyin’ up above it all / Low enough to be heard,” Osborne sings on the title track, with its circular lead guitar. The instrumentation on the album is always satisfying, (like the wonderful drumming in “Tragic Kingdom,”) though Osborne’s vocals steal the show. His vocals, like a bird, soar, but fly “low enough to be heard,” in an album of story songs that many people can probably relate to: love, loss, love.

The album shouts out other artists like No Doubt, in the song named after their 90s album, and ends out with “Break Free, Rolling Stone,” after the iconic band. He starts out the album, singing about his “microphone blues” but ends it, “I’m not alone here / And you’re not alone here / Do you wanna break free / And be like a rollin’ stone.” We’re lucky Susto survived the pandemic, and that Osborne survived his heartache, to give us this album of triumphant original songs, which solidifies their place in rock n roll history.

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