“Mermaid Vampire” By Susto

"Mermaid Vampire" by Susto is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. The track is off the band's forthcoming album My Entire Life
Susto photo by Paul King

Susto, return with their new album My Entire Life on July 28th via New West Records. The LP was produced by Wolfgang Zimmerman (Band of Horses) and the band’s Justin Osborne and Johnny Delaware. My Entire Life follows their 2021 album Time in the Sun.

A season of drastic change is what brought Susto frontman Justin Osborne to the band’s new album. There was a divorce, difficulties re-building his band after the pandemic, and the pain and helplessness of witnessing family members struggle with addiction and mental illness. Despite these challenges. Justin ultimately found himself in a new landscape, with new love and a deeper perspective, all of which is masterfully projected into My Entire Life. As a whole, the album documents Justin’s personal journey through highs and lows in his life, with many of the details on full display. He narrates the demise and aftermath of an almost decade long relationship, while celebrating the joy of falling in love, and the hopefulness of starting over.

The band recently shared the album highlight “Mermaid Vampire.” Of the song, Osborne says, “’Mermaid Vampire’ is about meeting someone and becoming totally consumed by desire. The lyrical visual is loosely inspired by Isabella Rossellini’s book/short film(s) Green Porno, but the story is based on true events. It’s about falling hard and fast and getting totally wrapped up in that feeling. It’s a primal and animalistic force, like a volcano erupting under the ocean and breaking through to the surface.”

“Susto’s narrative has always been confessional, and songwriting is my way of trying to make sense of the chaos—good and bad—around me,” observes Justin. “This record is my story of navigating a bunch of chaos, but finding ways to carry on and manifest my own happiness…the last few years were a challenge, but I look back and see that I made it through, a better, truer, and more realized version of myself.”

Much of the album was recorded at The Space in Charleston, SC, but major sessions also took place at Echo Mountain Recording in Asheville, NC, and Chase Park Transduction in Athens, GA. The band also took a recording pilgrimage to the Mexican town of Tepoztlan (the mythical birthplace of mesoamerican deity Quetzalcoatl), where they turned an airbnb into a remote recording studio with the help from members of Mexican Institute of Sound. The result is a compelling blend of rock, folk and psychedelia, with vivid country-esque storytelling. It’s as raw and real as anything the band has done so far.

Susto have also announced their initial live performances in support of My Entire Life. Launching on July 28th in Austin, TX, the trek features stops at the legendary Troubadour in Los Angeles as well as their curated Fine2Day Festival in Maquoketa, IA which includes Big Something, Sarah Shook & The Disarmers, Susto’s Johnny Delaware, and more.

My Entire Life
Track Listing
New West Recordings

1. Rock On
2. Mermaid Vampire
3. Mt. Caroline
4. Tina
5. My Entire Life
6. Optimum Artist
7. Cowboys
8. Hyperbolic Jesus
9. Double Stripe
10. Rooster
11. Tragic Kingdom
12. Break Free, Rolling Stone

Susto 2023 Tour Dates

7.28.23 – Austin, TX – Parish w/ Ellis Bullard
7.29.23 — Fort Worth, TX — Tulips w/ Ellis Bullard + Telephone House
8.2.23 — Boulder, CO — JBE AAA Summitfest – Hill Stage at the Fox Theatre
8.4.23 – Greeley, CO – Moxi Theater w/ Graham Good
8.5.23 — Basalt, CO — The Arts Campus at Willits w/ Esther Rose
8.6.23 – Jackson, WY – Virginian Lodge w/ Graham Good
8.9.10 – Flagstaff, AZ – Coconino Center for the Arts
8.10.23 – Phoenix, AZ – Valley Bar w/ Esther Rose
8.11.23 — West Hollywood, CA — Troubadour w/ Esther Rose
8.12.23 — Felton, CA — Felton Music Hall w/ Esther Rose
8.13.23 — Berkeley, CA — Cornerstone w/ Esther Rose
8.14.23 — Healdsburg, CA — The Elephant In the Room
8.16.23 — Portland, OR — Mississippi Studios w/ Esther Rose
8.17.23 — Seattle, WA — Tractor Tavern w/ Esther Rose
8.18.23 — Spokane, WA — Lucky You Lounge w/ Esther Rose
8.19.23 — Columbia Falls, MT — The Coop w/ Esther Rose
8.21.23 — Bozeman, MT — The Rialto w/ Esther Rose
8.22.23 — Billings, MT — The Pub Station w/ Esther Rose
8.25.23 — St. Paul, MN — Turf Club
8.26.23 — Milwaukee, WI — The Backroom @ Colectivo
8.27.23 — Lexington, KY — The Burl
9.2.23 — Charleston, SC — The Refinery w/ Big Something + Easy Honey
9.6.23 — Indianapolis, IN — Hi-Fi w/Big Something
9.7.23. — Peoria, IL — Kenny’s —Westside Pub w/ Big Something
9.8.23 – 9.9.23 — Maquoketa, IA — Fine2Day Festival @ Codfish Hollow Barn
9.19.23 – 9.23.23 — Nashville, TN — AmericanaFest
9.22.23 – Urbana, IL – PYGMALION @ Rose Bowl Tavern
10.14.23 – Alpharetta, GA – Alpharetta Wire and Wood Festival
10.15.23 – Charlotte, NC – Rocktober Fest at Moo & Brew

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