Strawberry Pills Stream Murder to a Beat

Strawberry Pills Stream new album Murder to a Beat
Art work by Aris Athanatos

Strawberry Pills is comprised of Valisia Odell and Antonis Konstantaras, the duo from Athens/Greece create music that combines a mixture of dark electro, minimal wave and coldwave. The duo have just released their new album Murder to a Beat.

From Strawberry Pills:

“Murder Τo Α Beat is like an audio contemporary mystery and crime anthology. Every track takes place in its own dark, enigmatic and cynic universe. Nothing is what it seems. For us, Strawberry Pills is a multifaceted project with a clear, minimal and commanding approach both in the music and the aesthetics. Somehow, we manage to construct our own intriguing world with its own visual and musical landscape. Murder To A Beat, just like a telephone and its incessant ringing in the dark, represents a real threat. The air is charged with suspense and danger.”

Strawberry Pills
Murder to a Beat
Inner Ear Records

1. The Voyeur 03:58
2. Private Nightmare 03:23
3. Verbal Suicide 03:47
4. Enter the Void 03:12
5. Dreams 03:45
6. Porcelain Face 03:40
7. Icarus 02:44
8. Set to Rise Again 02:35

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